To all the Liberals out there who are horrified by the crackdown on ILLEGAL ALIENS in our country: you need to take a seat.

There are COUNTLESS law-abiding American citizens in our country (and put your racist card away because I am including ALL races here. MANY GOOD PEOPLE) who have been utterly devastated by what the influx of illegals has done to our country. In the raising of our taxes to pay for their freebies, in the rise in the crime rate, uninsured illegal drivers, voter fraud (which is why the Dems want them here in the first place) and so much more. INCLUDING the impact, they’ve had on taking jobs away from legal US citizens.

SERIOUSLY, do I have to go through the Patriot family saga again? About how the Construction industry in California has been so raped by the illegal workers and the unlawful Builders who hire them??  Do I have to go through the story of what it did to our family and what it cost us??? Because I think everyone is sick of hearing about it by now. We are one of MANY, MANY families that were affected by this UNLAWFUL practice. And before you start calling me names, I don’t care WHAT color an illegal is or what country they hail from. If you are here illegally, you are breaking the law and taking food out of the mouths of the families of United States citizens.

Yes, I understand that some people from other countries want to escape how badly they have it there and come here for freedom… but they have to do it LEGALLY. We have laws that need to be upheld.  The freedom these people seek here illegally ends up taking freedom and quality of life away from those who are here legally.  It is just not right and it has to end. What other countries on this earth can you travel to without proper documentation?  What other countries can you pick up and move to without following their rule of law? None. Zero.

So, to all the Liberals whining about how “awful”, “mean” & “unfair” this is, I would suggest you are either a Democrat politician looking for votes, or you are totally out of touch with reality and fear losing your illegal nanny, gardener and housekeeper you can get for cheap.  I guarantee that if you are upset about the law against illegal immigration finally being enforced in this country, it’s because illegal immigration hasn’t affected your life negatively at all.

I think I can speak for the rest of us who have been affected by it when I say, “PIPE IT.” ~~ Sister Patriot


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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. She is a permanent passenger on the #TrumpTrain

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