By Sister Patriot

I have Liberal in-laws.  Obviously, Mister Patriot and I are Trump supporting, Conservative, Bible-believing Christians.  That can be an explosive combination around a Christmas dinner table.  Ours was no exception this year.

Of course, we know my in-laws’ position on everything.  They know our position on everything, so why can’t we just discuss other things and avoid the areas in which we don’t agree?  One thing I’ve noticed is Liberals are combative.  Confrontational.  They love to take jabs.  They love to act superior to their opposition.  More educated, more intellectual and all-knowing.

Let me interject right here the majority of my liberal in-laws don’t behave this way.  They’re really more interested in the family being together and just having a good time.  This I truly appreciate.  However, there are three in particular who are the aforementioned combative and confrontational breed.  They will henceforth be referred to as “Liberal 1” & “Liberal 2”.  There is no point in labeling “Liberal 3” because he is so obnoxious and unpleasant to be around, none of the other Liberal family members invite him to any functions.  Even they don’t like being around him.

Back to Liberal 1 & Liberal 2.  Christmas Eve dinner at the Patriot Family Home.  The jabs started almost immediately from Liberal 1, who abhors the fact we homeschool our wonderful children.  Keep in mind there was a group of people here with lots of cross chatter going on.  Overall, we wanted it to be a nice evening as many of those present live out of state and we don’t get together very often.

Liberal 1 was especially angst-filled that night.  Right jab, left jab.  Always with a chuckle or a smile on his face.  Passive-aggressively taking pot shots at our religious and political beliefs.  Mostly subtle but other times not so subtle.  After the 2nd  hour, I’d had quite enough and was looking forward to the end of the evening.  Little did I know, I hadn’t seen anything yet.

In the third hour, everyone else had departed.  It was only  Liberal 1 and Liberal 2 who remained.  Somehow the discussion made it’s way to Evolution vs. Creation.   Mister Patriot is extremely well-versed on this topic.  He’s well read, and full of facts.  Exactly what Liberals hate.

Mister P calmly stated some facts and the fireworks began.  Liberals 1 and 2 resorted to shouting and outright anger. Liberal 1 insisted that we’ve all evolved from apes.  (I tend to agree perhaps HE has, but he’s the only one.)  Whenever  Mister P pointed out facts that showed their theory was beyond impossible, their voices grew even louder.  Raised voices preached about Carl Sagan, Supernovas, and the Big Bang theory.

They condescendingly told us there are “junk scientists” out there who teach false information to the “Christian population” (who they inferred were basically ignorant and naïve.)

They repeatedly presented the question, “If you don’t believe in the Big Bang, then how did WE get here?  How did humans GET HERE?”  This is Mister Patriot’s family and this is his area of expertise, so I let him take the reigns in this debate.  I had kept mainly quiet throughout, just listening to the whole thing.  Finally, when this question had been asked yet again, I spoke up.  “It’s really a very simple answer.  “In the beginning, GOD…..”  Liberal 2 whipped her head in my direction and said, “So you believe we were just made like this?”  I said that I absolutely did.  I absolutely believed what the Bible says and all they had to do was read it.   My comment was met with silent disgust, of course.

However, the debate raged on.  Our littlest Patriot was in the other room playing, but our just-turned-15-year-old little Patriot sat at the table, intent on listening to this debate.  By this point, I noticed he had left the room.  I assumed he had tired of their nonsense and went to play with his brother, but he surprised me by walking back in holding our family Bible.  He took his seat at the table & held his hand up in the air.  I helped him by interrupting the chaos and stating he had something to say.

The chatter ceased.  Two red, sweaty and indignant Liberal faces turned to our son, who has such a big heart for Jesus.  We all listened as he began to read Genesis 1.  At first Liberals 1 & 2 seemed slightly annoyed.  One started to dismissively say they already knew what it said, but Mister P and I were going to make sure our son had the floor.  As I sat there watching and listening to him read, I felt as if we were witnessing an amazing thing.  I knew without a doubt God was smiling down on him at that moment.  I knew the Holy Spirit was working in that room.  Evolution and Creation differences aside, Liberal 1 and Liberal 2 are not believers and in fact, hold a disgust for Christians everywhere.  Political beliefs and the Bible go together.  If you have any doubt, read Revelation.  There is a reason the two always cross paths in these discussions.

When our son finished reading, Liberal 1 told him that was a “nice thing to read on Christmas Eve”.  Whether she totally missed the point or just didn’t want to acknowledge it, I don’t know.  They left shortly thereafter but before they did, I heard Liberal 2 asking our son if he read the Bible because someone told him to, or because it was his own idea.  He replied, “I got it on my own because the answer to your question is very simple.  All you have to do is read the Bible.”

We didn’t see Liberal 2 again over the Christmas holiday, but Liberal 1 did apologize and the rest of the family gatherings went peacefully.

If you firmly believe in whatever your philosophy is, there should be no reason for you to get agitated and combative during a discussion about it.  What I find is that people who firmly believe what they do, but don’t know WHY they firmly believe it… are the ones who become so enraged.  They can’t defend it. When presented with facts, they go on the attack.

I know our family will pray for Liberal 1 and Liberal 2, hoping their hearts will soften and they will be open to God’s Word while there is still time.  We are extremely proud of our son who took a stand for his Faith.  I think that alone was a huge witness to these non-believers.


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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. She is a permanent passenger on the #TrumpTrain

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