Lady Justice Died – No Funeral Held

by Thomas C. DeSalvo:

Governor Brown of California and Governor Cuomo of New York have both pardoned illegal immigrants convicted of felonies to protect them from being deported. Governor Cuomo has gone further to tell “extreme republicans” (you know, the ones against abortion or in favor of the second amendment) you are NOT WELCOME in New York State.

Video on YouTube.

We seem to have gone from a nation of laws to – make them up as you go along or just ignore them. California Senate Leader Kevin De Leon admits half his family is in this country illegally. In possession of fake social security cards, fake green cards, fake ID and driver licenses. Felonies all. His concern is if President Trump were to enforce immigration law, most if not all would be deported. He is the LEADER of the California Senate and if the law were followed could be charged with harboring criminals, and no one seems to care.

Search Kevin De Leon admits family illegal on YouTube.

Tucker Carlson interviewed a non-citizen lawyer defending illegal immigrants. This is the process in this country for becoming a lawyer –

Many prospective lawyers begin preparing in high school by joining the debate team and becoming involved with student government. Then they begin 4 years of undergraduate coursework, take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), apply to and complete 3 years of law school at an accredited law school, and achieve a juris doctorate degree. After finishing school, graduates must prepare for, take, and pass the bar exam. This not only entails passing an exam, but applying for entrance into the state bar. After successful completion and entrance into the bar in the state where one wishes to work, he or she can legally practice as a lawyer.

It generally takes about 7-8 years to become a lawyer. Four years are spent as an undergraduate achieving a bachelor’s degree, 3 years are spent in law school, and then there is additional time needed to study for and take the bar exam. Which means this guy (if all his college education were obtained here and only committed to being at lawyer at the college entry level) has had up to 8 years to become a citizen and has chosen not to. Not asked was his legal status. So we don’t know if he is on a Visa, or some other status. Just as likely an illegal himself. If that IS the case, why was he even approved to practice law in the first place?

What is it that is so difficult to understand about the word “illegal.” This is an absolute perversion of our system of laws.

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4 Replies to “Lady Justice Died – No Funeral Held”

  1. Once you put the lead dogs from sanctuary cities into PRISON (including judges who change the law at will) using our military (who, like me, swore an oath to uphold and protect from all enemies both foreign and “domestic”), round up and prosecute at least the dangerous illegal-alien criminals and build the damn wall, the problem will take care of itself. However, if you continue to “allow” these socialist whacked out liberals, socialist universities and the socialist anti-American media to gain more ground by watering down the authority of the president, spin essential laws of the land into an abstract Andy Warhol picture and continue to undermine and twist our constitution, well, we will lose our country in this storm. It is a serious game of Whack a Mole. If not, at some point it will become very bloody. Do it now or all will suffer later. If we hold back, the end game is clear. So simple a 5th grader can figure it out.

    Mr. President, do what you know in your heart needs to be done. It will be painful, but this cancer WILL soon destroy it’s host.

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