Politics Today: An Opinion

Thomas C DeSalvo:

Those paying attention to politics have become accustomed to hearing what they want to hear and ignoring the results. Government programs given positive seemingly appropriate names rarely resemble what their title indicates. A trait common in all levels of government. For instance, the “affordable care act” made some people choose between health care they couldn’t afford or paying a fine they couldn’t afford. New York State’s “S.A.F.E. Act” makes it more difficult for people who obey the law to defend themselves against those who don’t. I could go on and on but hopefully those not mind numbed by political rhetoric will get my point.

How about this for an idea. Everyone, almost without exception, complains about the political party in power. All one need do to see where that has gotten us is to review the last 30 or so years. It has been at least that long ago when you could still say “the only things left they don’t tax are air and dying.” Well, someone in Washington was listening so today we have the clean air and inheritance taxes. The power to levy and impose new financial burden on those involved in the production of wealth relegated to a select few who tell us what we want to hear then do as they please. Party doesn’t matter, they all do it. In my opinion (we all have one) paid lobbyists should be illegal. Paying a politician for a favorable opinion should be a crime if it isn’t already. If a politician is seeking advice or opinions on proposed legislation they should seek it from the electorate, not someone signing a check or passing an envelope full of hundred dollar bills. I am not against extra pay for serving on special committees. Just as in the civilian sector, do extra work, get extra pay. What I am against is someone amassing into the hundreds of millions of dollars when their only paycheck is 174,000 per year and they’ve been in the job for 10 years. I mean, do the math.

So, where are we today? For as long as I can remember, both sides of the fence have cried that something has to change. Politics is crooked and is draining us all. The Democrat is a crook, the Republican is a crook. Well, that change has come. President Trump pisses off both sides. He is a bean counter. The guy we have all prayed for. He has been successful in the civilian sector, failed in the civilian sector, recovered and was successful again. He knows what it is to GENERATE wealth, not confiscate it. So far, in less than a year he has the economy growing, unemployment down, the stock market setting new records almost weekly. Currently he is in process of changing the way government business gets done. Political “experts” say “It can’t be done that way.” Speaking of course from their decades of experience practicing politics THAT DON’T WORK. What he has tried by stepping outside the box has worked. But don’t be confused. This is not random luck. I invite you to use YouTube and research Donald Trump videos. He has been discussing the problems we face as far back as 1980. Proposing remedies even back then. Over three decades considering what it would take to prevent a failed state and bring this country back from the brink of ruin and he now has the opportunity to put these solutions to work. No doubt there will be mistakes made because they have never before been tried. How long do you think a failed change will last if this congress identifies it? I am thinking both Democrats and Republicans would join forces during a TV commercial. That is the protection we have been given by electing a guy who really doesn’t belong to a hard core political party. No key to the executive wash room if you will. At this point he is being fought even on things he has constitutional power to do. Like limiting any group or individuals for any reason as immigrants. The law is specific, and yet an activist judge had it shut down. Or how about enforcing immigration laws ON THE BOOKS. We have cities and states violating the law as sanctuaries. If laws in place are flawed or outdated, change them. But don’t just choose to ignore them. Without laws we are reduced to chaos.

In closing. We are protected both “by and from” this president. There is no more “one side is in charge.” Tell your representatives to stop taking lobbyist dollars and make their decisions based on what YOU want. At this point barely more than half of the electorate actually pay income taxes, some get back more than deducted. Not to worry though, most states ensure you pay your share through other gimmicks. Any way, this is our big chance folks. Personally I am sick of the downward slide we have been on for decades. It’s past time to get involved. Just like the famous line from the movie Network, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take anymore…..

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