What do you do at 4 am when your internet is down…..

What do you do at 4 am when your internet is down?

My internet has been off and on for two days. Unfortunately, when that happens, I am driven to other distractions. Sadly, TV is one. Well, I woke up at 4 am, and once again my internet was down. No doubt squirrels have chewed through my cable again, Time Warner has yet to return my calls. Anyway, I turned on the indoctrination tube, and it began. Advisers are afraid to confront the president with reports of Russian intervention in our election, a known fact that it did actually happen. First ABC, then CNN, same exact story, different talking heads. Really?

Pure and simple politics. Did Russia try to influence elections in the United States? Or how about China, Germany, France, or even Israel for that matter? To believe otherwise would be naive at best. Just as Obama tried to influence elections in Israel and likely a number of other countries. As has every president before him looking to spread the influence of America and American business interests.

Every nation trying to spread their influence/power plays the same game. Overt and covert methods are used to influence the leadership of countries. If the leadership itself cannot be co-opted, public opinion is manipulated through positive or disparaging comments publicized through the media. Questioning or praising decisions of a country’s leadership can and does influence public opinion.

No doubt Trump sees this all as a distractor to getting America back on track. Political interference is a given. We have people whose job it is to ensure the security of our electoral system by whatever means are required. Just as on any military base, there are guards posted to ensure security. The Commanding General of the base does not need to be running down to the guard shack to ensure they are doing their jobs.

There are levels of responsibility to ensure every job gets done. There are plenty of problems this country faces that can be positively affected without 30-minute updates on a known, given, expected effort to undermine the country. Do your jobs, handle it. In the meantime, for the first time since Reagan, the “cold war” could once again be brought to an end.

However, the New World Order is counting on a conflict of powers to usher in the One World Government. The only problem is Trump is in the way. He will get us out of the middle east. End hostilities with Russia. Stop the immigrant invasion here that is destroying much of Europe. He has already slowed illegal immigration merely by enforcing immigration laws and letting those know headed this way that if caught, back they go.

The economy is growing for the first time in 10 years, unemployment is down, the stock market is up, and yet all we see on MSM is how Trump is ignoring Russian intervention in our elections. Seems to me, if Russia had wanted a president ready to “see to their needs,” they would have backed the one who sold them 20% of our uranium reserves. But hey, like the rest of this statement, that’s just my opinion.

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