By Randall Nozick:

Yesterday, 15 Dec 2017, I posted an opinion piece titled “People Who Voted for Trump Should Reconsider their Support”. This post was an honest look at the public’s response to accusations of sexual misconduct, the effect on the Alabama Special Election, and especially the media’s new focus on bringing Trump’s hot mic incident from 2005 back into the spotlight as a smoking gun to impeach our President. The article stepped through my thought process of assessing my own position on the Left’s warmed-over play against the most effective President of my adult lifetime. My conclusion was simple:

“Thank God I have the clarity to see I was right when I voted for Trump and I am still right to support him today.”

Unfortunately, a post which was meant to be a rallying cry for my fellow Trump supporters as reaffirmation in the face of a coming media blitz, was met overwhelmingly by negative comments like “Why are you even on this Earth?” and “Shame on The Trump Times!”. I am happy to report that almost ALL comments, whether negative towards my post or not, were pro-Trump, many declaring “Trump 2020!”

I would like the chance to clarify a few things:

First, The Trump Times is definitely not anti-Trump. I think the writers and editors of The Trump Times would all agree that President Trump has done more this year to restore our nation than any President has done in the last 20 years. As President Trump himself said, if he makes a mistake, he does not expect to be given a free pass. If we see a mistake, we will report on it, but not in the breathless bellowing voice of the #FakeNews celebrating a failure. Our concern here is how can ANY situation be used by our skilled strategist of a President to Make America Great Again, even if the situation is the result of a mistake.

Second, I, personally, am definitely not anti-Trump. I can’t imagine a world where I could be. President Trump is fighting for ME. As I said, I have not had a champion in the Office of President during my adult lifetime, until President Trump. This feeling of having someone on my side at the very top is new and amazing. I didn’t fully understand what the Left was freaking out about when Trump won until this new feeling kicked in for me. It’s the feeling they lost in their misguided belief that Trump is a one-sided President like all the others they have experienced.

Third, seriously, go read the article if you have not. It has the armor to protect you from the constant beating of the “Trump admitted he assaulting women” drum that is already ramping up. As Trump supporters, we have to keep the voices of our reason louder to each other than the voices of the Left. We need to support each other so that we may stay clear, even on our bad days. This article was meant to do nothing other than offer my support to each of my fellow Trump-loving Americans.

I’ll say it one last time:

“Thank God I have the clarity to see I was right when I voted for Trump and I am still right to support him today.”

Risen from the lowest of beginnings to a precarious position near the top, I spend my days solving big problems for big money. I spend my nights thinking about even bigger problems because I can't resist the puzzle. I use political philosophy and sociology mixed in a blender of predictive modeling to serve up indulgent treats of possible better tomorrows. Belly up to the bar and grab a straw.

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