by Daveda Gruber:

Do you think that Paul Ryan is planning on stepping down? Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, has his political future in the speculation spotlight Thursday amid reports that he’s considering leaving Congress after the 2018 midterms.

Politico Magazine published a lengthy article about him leaving. Looking around, you’ll notice that The Huffington Post has also published an article about this issue.

Ryan and his aides were fast to dismiss the articles.

Ryan replied, “No.” while laughing it off when he was asked at the end of a Thursday press conference if he’s quitting soon.

He has had a rocky relationship with then candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Still, he has maintained an alliance with the president.

He has stayed in step with Trump on legislative priorities like the tax overhaul.

Former GOP Representative Jason Chaffetz said, “It is an incredibly difficult job to be Speaker of the House,” adding that passing tax reform could let him say he’s done ‘the biggest thing he can possibly accomplish’.

If Ryan is denying any truth to him stepping down, I tend to believe words from his mouth rather than believing articles based on speculation.

Only time will tell the truth to any stories geared to the future.

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