by Lanny Carruthers

The old saying, “every squirrel finds a nut every now and then” certainly applies to a recent NY Times article regarding the Alabama U.S. Senate race.  The Old Gray Lady actually got it right to the point I’m not going to quote from it or correct any of the article because I want you to see it for yourself via the link below.  I will only enlighten you to what the article is meant to do and how it is not exactly meant to educate the “stupid American voter” as the liberal, New England news media believe is their ordained purpose in life.

Rush Limbaugh has often said and I paraphrase, “I understand and know liberals better than they do themselves.  This makes it easy to figure out what their next move will be.”  That is exactly what I did yesterday in my previous article.  Honestly, I didn’t see the NY Times article until Sunday morning after my article was published on The Trump Times as well due to just receiving notification as I type, How to Remain a Republican and Keep Your Religion…The Way Forward.

The NY Times article is laying the post-election groundwork for the meaning behind Judge Roy Moore’s win in the Alabama U.S. Senate race.  The first link below is to my article yesterday that outlines what the Democrats’ and fake news media’s post-election narrative will be in the coming days.  The second link is to the NY Times article.  You may want to print it out and frame it because I don’t know when they will get one right again.  Don’t worry; the NY Times gives away a few free treats so you won’t have to pay for access.

How to Remain a Republican – The Trump Times

Alabama, Despite History of Unruly Politics, Has ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’ – The New York Times

Lanny L. Carruthers is from Muscle Shoals, AL. A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Political Science and also former College Republican Chairman. Carruthers is passionate about the Civil War particularly the political environment before and after the War and how the present is affected. "Trying to be or remain a Republican and (group) text messages will make you lose your religion." - Lanny L. Carruthers

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