by Jennifer Sasser:

A new survey has shown young people or more specifically, millennials think their mental health has been affected by the term “snowflake”.  Seventy-two percent believe the label is unfair and 74% believe it could be damaging to their mental health. Millennials are from 18-34 year old and now surpass in population of Baby Boomers. This survey was done by Aviva.


The term was adapted from the 1999 film “The Fight Club” and was used from the novel written in 1996. The line was “you are not special, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.” I always thought it was I am going to melt!

This is so terrible. I can’t believe Donald J. Trump has become president, or I need a safe space. In any case, this has become a direct result of lack of parenting skills, perhaps or the decadent style of the previous President’s administration which started horrible things such as BLM and ANTIFA (what a joke) and the whole bathroom dilemma or both. Anyway these poor little snowflakes don’t like us to call them that. Do you see Deplorables complaining? No! They embraced the whole Deplorable fiasco prompted by the then, presidential Candidate who didn’t know her conversation was being recorded.. Now we call ourselves deplorable! Well, I don’t because I don’t want Hillary Clinton to get the satisfaction if any that she started a trend. But in some ways that is a way to prevent bullying.


Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the “Fight club” is happy with the term becoming popular again.
He says that the term has to do with people not benefiting from being so “coddled” Being self absorbed is not a good thing and Conservatives hate it, so they adapted the term.

It may seem quite crazy to us. But indeed this is true! What do you think?


What Grade Would You Give President Trump?

I am a retired art teacher, and, now a writer of news articles about President Trump. I am an avid Trump supporter and encourage others to support him as well. Also I do art, of different types and teach at various venues, ceramics and painting and drawing. I am a born again Christian and a staunch Conservative, which affects everything I do.

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