by Lanny Carruthers:

To be honest I did not know much about Mike Pompeo before his confirmation as CIA Director, but I have to say I am totally impressed now!  Current CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former CIA Director Leon Panetta participated in the recent Reagan National Defense Forum on Saturday.  Ironically the mainstream media were either asleep at the forum or busy trying to figure out how they can follow CNN’s lead and publicly announce they are boycotting the White House Christmas Party.  Because I have rarely seen any mention of an exchange between Pompeo and Panetta led by Brett Baier of Fox News.


Baier asked Pompeo “One account on Twitter makes your job harder?”  Pompeo responded by saying, “No, I don’t think that’s the case.”  “I’ve actually seen it help us.”  Pompeo continued that “I have seen things the President has put on his Twitter account actually have a real-world impact on our capacity to understand what’s going on in other places of the world.  That is, our adversaries responded to those tweets in ways that were helpful to us to understand command and control issues, who’s listening to what messages, how those messages are resonating around the world.”

I am not going to waste time trying to describe how pathetic Panetta’s full response was to Pompeo’s position, let’s just say Panetta wasn’t amused.  Panetta basically claimed that Trump was reckless and should be more disciplined.  But one key part that should be remembered about Panetta’s exasperation where he said that the President’s erratic Twitter habit “raises a little concern about stability.”  Once the Mueller Investigation officially falls on its face, Robert Mueller will issue closing remarks about the investigation clearing President Trump of any crimes.  Once the demented Democrats (particularly Rep. Adam Schiff) come back to Earth following their rounds and tirades on every news talk show from New York to Mars, they will start in on the “stability” claim that Trump is mentally unfit for office and should be removed by the 25th Amendment.  Get ready for it because they are already laying the groundwork for that attack along with the mainstream media.


But the real “mic drop moment” happened when Pompeo responded to Panetta in which he said, “Noting that the world is a dangerous place with more flash-points than ever” he calmly stated, “those all existed before January 20 of this year. So ‘message discipline’ — as you referred to it — got us to those places.” After a brief pause Pompeo continued by saying, “What I mean is, we shouldn’t over-attribute the place we find ourselves in the world today to things that may or may not have as much impact as folks like to suggest sometimes.”  OUCH!!!  Game, Set, Match!

At this point I believe you should be allowed to hear Pompeo walk all over Panetta in the following video.  Be prepared to replay this video a couple times!  Pompeo’s stock is surely rising!


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Lanny L. Carruthers is from Muscle Shoals, AL. A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Political Science and also former College Republican Chairman. Carruthers is passionate about the Civil War particularly the political environment before and after the War and how the present is affected. "Trying to be or remain a Republican and (group) text messages will make you lose your religion." - Lanny L. Carruthers

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