by Glen Anderson:

Dear President Trump,

Please keep pushing to have the Hillary Pay for Play foundation investigated and every single person that has broken the law arrested, regardless of position, power or influence. The American people deserve to see justice served equally to elected people who have set themselves up as an Elite ruling class that believe they are above the law. Following every lead a thorough investigation of the Clinton Foundation brings up will be the quickest way to expose the Swamp Monsters for who they really are.


I am very proud to call you my president and I am happy to see that you are actively working to deliver on every campaign promises despite the obstructionists that surround you. I am especially happy to see that you are reversing the trend to expand the power grab of the executive office and restore power back to congress by striking down the previous presidents illegal executive orders like DACA and forcing Congress to pass legislation to deal with these issues.
I have some suggestions that are important to me and others that I have spoken to.

Please write an executive order granting FREE ID’s to every American Citizen that doesn’t have one and require that all State ID’s (Driver’s License or State ID) require a US birth certificate as proof of citizenship. Push Congress to require a proper ID to vote in every election. Only US citizens are allowed to vote in US Elections.

Please push Congress to pass legislation that prohibits any Federal agency or employee from being exempted from any law or regulation. This needs to be retroactive back to the year 1900 NO EXCEPTIONS.

Give the Gift of TRUMP

Please push Congress to enact legislation requiring all bills show the constitutional authority to support the bill being proposed. Make it a criminal offense for any elected or appointed official to sign any document that would usurp the Constitution or give any legal authority to a foreign body like the UN to have any jurisdiction over US law or citizens.

Please defund all Sanctuary cities as they pose a national security risk. Please set up judges within ICE that can give warrants on the spot to allow the detention of criminal aliens.


Please push Congress to enact laws that deal with the plague of Pornography. Porn can be regulated to a .PRN top level domain and restricted to remain in only that domain. This domain could then be taxed and charged for entry. This would not violate the porn industries right to free speech as they have been given a proper place for their speech. They are guaranteed free speech NOT a free audience.

Please keep doing what you are doing. I am very proud to call you MY PRESIDENT.


What Grade Would You Give President Trump?

Founder of the Coalition For Trump and America First Coalition. I am fully engaged in Conservative Activism using skills of many many years to win votes for Conservative candidates using truth and kindness. I come from a background as a Equipment Operator I work with real peole to solve real issues. I own TheTrumpTimes and the Donald Trump Page Administrators along with over 100 FB groups and pages with in excess of 350,000 members and I love each one of them!

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