by Lanny Carruthers:

In today’s society trying to remain a Republican and (group) text messages will make you lose your religion.  Don’t get me started on the latter!

This year’s senate election is setting up to be a “humdinger”!  Allegations of sexual assault and/or misconduct dog GOP candidate Roy Moore.  Ironically, the Democratic challenger Doug Jones “approved the message” to feature aspects of the Civil War in a campaign advertisement.  Typically Democrats decry any mention of the Civil War except when they can expound upon negatives to be used to their advantage in crafting the “Northern Narrative” and advancing their social justice perversions.  Again I digress and stray back to the plot of the title of this article.


We are about to witness the largest jury trial in American…and particularly Alabama history.  Legally the statute of limitations have expired preventing criminal charges being plead to a grand jury regarding Moore’s actions.  The evidence and/or “facts” from both the plaintiffs and defendant have been presented to the public.  More evidence and objections will obviously be presented by election day.  The jury of Alabamians will be deliberating whether or not Roy Moore is guilty of the allegations which put against him, not whether he is the better candidate.  Whether Roy Moore or Doug Jones closely aligns with the values and policies Alabamians hold dear is not on the ballot this election.  The guilt or innocence of Roy Moore is on the ballot.  While polls conducted the past week are all across the spectrum and would give air traffic controllers a headache trying to keep up with; it is no doubt that most Alabamians would favor a Republican senator.

On the morning of December 12th, a jury of Alabamians will be casting their votes for guilty or innocence.  Unlike most jury trials that normally require a unanimous verdict, this verdict will not have to meet that requirement.  Much has been pontificated publicly that the United States Senate will move to boot Moore from the Senate if elected?  As Judge Andrew Napolitano stated (and I paraphrase):  In order for a United States Senate vote to oust Moore from the Senate the actions warranting such vote would have to be committed during Moore’s official time serving as a United States Senator.  That may be an issue for higher learned legal minds to ponder.


Will Moore face “vigilante justice” and be forced out of the race?  Will the jury of Alabamians find Moore guilty or innocent?  If the jury of Alabamians finds him innocent, electing him the next senator from Alabama will the jury’s decision be set aside by the United States Senate violating the right of the people of Alabama to duly select their representation?  My guess that writing all options on pieces of paper and blindly drawing may be the fairest way to predict what may happen.


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Lanny L. Carruthers is from Muscle Shoals, AL. A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Political Science and also former College Republican Chairman. Carruthers is passionate about the Civil War particularly the political environment before and after the War and how the present is affected. "Trying to be or remain a Republican and (group) text messages will make you lose your religion." - Lanny L. Carruthers

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