by Kathy Crest:

Have you ever received this notice from Facebook?:  “Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content. Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” It is a message often delivered to conservatives and religious groups whom Facebook employees deem a threat to the globalist agenda.

A former employee has now come forth to share her story of the tactics used by social media giant Facebook, who censors material THEY find offensive. Her name is only listed as Melanie C. in a story written by former Breitbart writer, Milo Yianoppoulos, Milo translated a first hand interview with the employee who told her story to “The European”, a publication out of Germany.


Melanie was attending college when she applied for a job. She only worked there for three months, but that was enough to give her an inside look at how social media works, and how it is censored. She was chosen for the job because she said all the right things. Other applicants who didn’t, were quickly shown the door.

The interview was held in Berlin and began as any normal one does, the only difference being that the applicants were unaware of who the true employer would be. After being asked the regular questions, the interview quickly turned political. “He asked me if I was politically active and so on,” Melanie told the magazine. “I told him that I was once in the “General Student Committee” and my father, well actually the whole family, is in the Social Democratic Party.” That was all the interviewer needed to here. “He then asked me if I could also imagine working in an accommodation for asylum seekers, perhaps teaching there. So I said yes – he liked that.” “We just talked about me and current issues, what we need to do to make people feel better, and what will make Europe and the world more peaceful and humane,” she said. She passed the first step and would now move on with the next.


Melanie was then taken to another room, where she was joined by six other applicants who were all in their 20’s. Two recruiters were present to continue on with the interview. When an applicant asked what the job title was, one of the recruiters replied, “The company we work for does not want that candidates, who might not be selected for a job, to know what it is.” According to Melanie, they then began talking about Trump, the refugees in Europe, and women’s rights. One of the applicants who was very vocal in his support for Trump, and two who were not as outspoken but still leaned to the right, were quickly eliminated.

It was at this point that the applicants were advised of the position and the employer. They would be working as “monitors” for Facebook. The job would entail locating and deleting “fake news” and hate speech. It was also at this point that they were told the job was temporary and would end upon the commencement of the German federal election in September of that year.

Melanie was assigned a mentor after accepting the position. She told reporters of the magazine, “My mentor, Sabine, said we need to be aware of the responsibility we have here. After all, we are facing an important election, and one posting on Facebook could quickly be shared a few thousand times and reach millions of people.” The mentor continued, “Among them, there would also be news that would confuse people, or make the populace uneasy, or rile them up – then eventually, more people would vote for the Nazis of the Alternative for Germany. Which would mean that violence increases, and we once again have a Third Reich”. ‘I didn’t want that nor did she, Melanie replied.

According to Yiannopoulos, Melanie said she was told to censor all flagged comments, and added that Facebook blacklisted news sites that were critical of the German government, or ones that reported on migrant crimes. As the election grew nearer, Melanie was told to censor any and all messages and posts that were critical of the current liberal government, especially anything that focused on the growing problems of refugee crime. Although deleting these sites was not common, Facebook was consistent in its bullying practices, which entailed banning certain sites for periods of time. Many Americans have seen their Facebook pages put on hold until further notice.

Today, Melanie holds guilt for her part in the degradation of Germany. She was young at the time she took the job, and vulnerable. Colleges in Germany are no different than those in America today, where Liberalism 101 seems to be the most important of classes. Young people are brainwashed into believing that socialism is the ultimate form of government, and that an open border policy will help their economic futures. Today Germany is overrun with Islamic immigrants and refugees, many of whom do not abide by the laws, not that Germany enforces them anyway, at least not when it comes to them. Terror attacks have become the norm, as refugees cannot be properly vetted, even if the government wanted to. Many countries in the middle east do not have Social Security Administrations. Oftentimes babies are born at home, as hospitals are only reserved for those who can afford to pay. Identifications are often bought on the black market, or easily forged, making it almost impossible to properly vet these refugees. Many of them hate the old western ideology of freedom for all. Women are second class citizens in much of the middle east, so it is hard for refugees to accept western women who are placed on the same level as men.

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Liberals are losing ground in America and abroad as more people are becoming aware of its true nature. Those in charge, the globalist elites, are being recognized as power mongers, and the true Communists. Every nation that has ever been taken over by a Communist regime has fallen to the same type of diversion and deceit that we are witnessing today. But thanks to social media, the truth is finally coming out. CEO’s of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube have all wrapped themselves around the idea of a one world government, and have used their platforms to brainwash users. That tactic has backfired on them though, as they cannot completely control what is shared on their sites. Lawsuits are being filed all across America as people are fed up with the attack on their freedom of speech. The social media giants have put a monopoly on the industry, and have forced others who have tried to start up truly uncensored sites right out of business.

Switzerland, once viewed as the perfect nation, is now putting in microphones around its communities so that law enforcement can locate the screams of women who are being brutally raped by immigrants. Countries that have chosen an open border policy are now seeing record crime rates and skyrocketing murders and rapes. Citizens are afraid to leave their homes, and many towns have been completely taken over by Islamic refugees. Muslim immigrants are being offered money to start up businesses, and often put other local companies right out of business. They take over entire commercial complexes and only lease to their own. America has seen this happening in towns like Dearborn, Michigan and Utica, New York. If we allow it to continue, we will become the minority, and our country, too, will fall to Communism. Socialism is nothing more than a stepping stone to complete control. We are seeing nations fall all over the world, and these citizens are now desperate to regain control. Once you give up your God given freedoms, they are very difficult to get back. Americans need to learn this lesson before it is too late.



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I am just an average citizen, one who loves this country and the freedoms it has to offer. I appreciate our men and women in the military, and want to express my gratitude to them for everything they give up, so that I may enjoy a life without barriers. I write, because it is the only way I know how to express what I believe to be the truth. I feel it is a duty, but it is also a great pleasure.

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