(My 2016 Presidential Election Forecast Map based on polling data adjusted for guestimated polling source bias.)

by Randall Nozick

Part 1 – I Dare You to Try to Understand

Some stories need to be told because they help others gain an understanding of their own story. This is one such story. I’ll be rolling it out as an 11 part mini-series and I personally invite you to read it.

This story is for you if you were terrified of what would happen next after Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election. This story is for you if you voted for Trump and are sometimes confused about being branded “deplorable” when you feel like a patriotic American. This story is for you if 2016 was such a dumpster fire, you abstained from participation altogether, but deep down inside, wonder what is really happening and how it will unfold for you and the people you care about. Finally, if the sharp political divisions left in the wake of the Trump Presidency have affected your relationships, this story is definitely for you.

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This is the story of how an extreme social liberal and staunch advocate of the total annihilation of discrimination in our culture came to be called a “racist sexist bigot homophobe” and how that title is working out for me. This is the story of a person who decided to be neither the sheep nor the wolf because the old shepherd world just wasn’t working. This is a story with something valuable for you, if you are willing to walk the mile to get the prize.

Along with my invitation, I must also extend a dare. There is something in this story to anger just about everyone because I discuss opposing views. I dare you to read it anyway. Be detached for a moment. Get through the part you will certainly find reprehensible. I am not trying to change your beliefs or imply my beliefs are better than yours. I’m trying to provide a perspective which, in the end, has a victory for everyone who has the resolve to get there.

(Please stay tuned for the next part. It’s a long story, so I broke it down into life-sized bites.)

Part 2 – What a Weirdo is now available! Please read on.


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