by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

At the ASIAN SUMMIT held on Monday, everybody believes the US-INDIA relationship goes beyond mutual interest after both the leaders of the countries met at Manila.No doubt this meeting develops a greater understanding and boost bilateral trade between both the countries in the future.

Trump on his part described Modi as a friend and congratulated him for the good reports coming out of India. Prime Minister Modi held wide-range of talks with President Donald Trump and told him that India will try do beyond expectations in every aspects of US and the world and thanked US President Donald Trump for speaking highly about India during his trip.

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It is a speculation that the Quadrilateral strategic alliance between US, Japan, Australia and India aim at counter the rapid growth of China in this region and its military presence and keep the region free and open.

These efforts by Donald Trump shows and clear message to the world he needs peace in this region. People understand his ideology and support him in the future.



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Joshua Krishna Moorthi

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