By Joe Gerritzen:

Wanna talk corruption?

Hillary Clinton sets up a personal email server while at the state department. When it was made public, she destroyed evidence, in the form of numerous devices, with hammers and then ‘bleach bits’ 33,000 emails from that server, all of which was subpoenaed evidence.

Sometime in between, the Democratic National Committee changes the rules for their primary so as to allow for ‘super delegates’, so that they can vote for whomever they want, as opposed to who the democratic constituency wants them to vote for.


After that happens, we find out that the DNC’s email server was hacked by ‘the Russians’, but they refused to turn that server over to the FBI for inspection. The DNC Chairwoman admits to rigging the primary process for Hillary and the only punishment she received by her was being let go from her job. That former DNC chairwomen is also embroiled in another server scandal at this time, with her former IT aide, supposedly over bank fraud. We also know that during the presidential race, a Democratic operative working for a news network gave the questions for at least one presidential debate to Hillary.

Also, we now know, that the director of the FBI, who had been investigating this series of events, set about exonerating her months before his own agency had completed their investigation, and, in fact, gave multiple players in this fiasco immunity if they would cooperate in their investigation, and didn’t even place Clinton under oath when they interviewed her.

Have you ever hear the phrase ‘A skunk smells his own hole’?

Immediately after the election, Democrats started tossing the collusion with Russia bombs, aimed at President Trump, and the same FBI director sets about with an investigation into those claims. That was 10 months ago, and yet to this day, there has been no evidence that there was any collusion between Trump and Russia, but that investigation, complete with a special council, continues.

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Now we are finding out that the special council, who was the FBI director at the time, knew about a Russian bribery scheme, that included 145 million dollars in donations, from Russian businessmen to the Clinton Family Foundation, and that after those donations were made, the USA sold about 20% of the US uranium stockpile to Russia’s Uranium One, a nuclear technology company headed by the businessmen that made those contributions, and that there may have been kickbacks to former president Barack Obama.

Does this not make for a conspiracy about the 33,000 emails and all of the devices she had destroyed? What about rigging a presidential primary? What of the ties from the Russians to the Clinton Family Foundation? Were they friends or business associates prior to their contributions there, or did they just decide out of the goodness of their hearts to give that much money to that foundation?

You bet it makes for a conspiracy! All of these people are being protected by a ‘free press’, which is actually a propaganda wing of a socialist movement within the democratic party, and numerous other groups, including the darlings of Hollywood, George Soros (who just donated 18 billion dollars to different left wing causes, and who knows what that money could be spent on? You can arm a lot of leftists with money like that), and ‘the Deep State’, which is made up of entrenched politicians and government employees making huge sums of money for their ‘public service’, and minorities that have been subjugated by the Democrats for decades, by becoming dependent on government handouts.
None of this is good for America. All of these people are out there decrying traditional Americanism or American Nationalism, to include establishment Republicans.

This very much seems to be a revolution on the part of the left, to impose socialism or communism upon all Americans, regardless if the populace wants it or not. And although they have used violence, it has been small in scale, but expect that to change soon, as much of the American core is rejecting this attempt to reform this country into a socialist utopian society. Yes, large scale violence and terrorism is the next logical step in their revolution.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is your warning to be prepared for the violent civil discourse that will probably be waged in America in the coming months.



Founder of the Coalition For Trump and America First Coalition. I am fully engaged in Conservative Activism using skills of many many years to win votes for Conservative candidates using truth and kindness. I come from a background as a Equipment Operator I work with real peole to solve real issues. I own TheTrumpTimes and the Donald Trump Page Administrators along with over 100 FB groups and pages with in excess of 350,000 members and I love each one of them!

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