This painting is hanging on a wall with other paintings in the office of a government employee who is paid by the people.

Rep. J. Luis Correa (D-CA) has been confronted over the matter. The painting hanging in his California office shows the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab, a head covering often worn by Muslim women.

Recently, the Local activist group ‘We the People Rising’ has attacked the painting. It was created by a high school student as part of the Congressional Art Competition. This makes it an unpatriotic violation of the separation of church and state.

During meeting in July, between ‘We the People Rising’ members, including McGetrick and a Correa staffer, he called the painting “filthy.”

McGetrick wrote, “Ultimately, to attribute a specific religion to the Statue of Liberty is inaccurate, unprofessional and offensive. In addition, the painting displays the torch of the Statue of Liberty, not as the heralded beacon of light, but rather held awkwardly to one side – in a perplexing, even disturbing, manner.”

Correa has said he won’t remove the painting, calling it an individual artist’s expression.

He also warned that policing art like that could lead to a “very dangerous slippery slope.”

Correa said, “My thoughts were, here’s probably a young Muslim lady who is trying very hard to be part of America, who is trying very hard to show people that she is an American, given the context that is going on around us in our country. By me taking it down, I’m acknowledging that she did something wrong.”

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‘We the People Rising’ said it will continue its crusade to have Correa take the painting down. They even promised Correa’s office if the painting is not removed by September 11th there will be a protest outside Correa’s office.

Do you think a painting of this nature should be hung in a office of a person working for the people of America? I wonder what President Trump would think about this. Personally, I find it offensive but that is only my opinion. Please leave me your comments.


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