Are you at the point where you are disgusted with the mainstream media yet? Well, I am.

When the Washington Post lies to the American people and then has to say they made a mistake four times in a couple of days, this has gone too far.

“Washington Post has reported that Trump revealed code-word clearance information to the Russian foreign minister last week. On top of that it is reported that the information comes from non-US sources through our intelligence sharing operations.” – DEBUNKED!

President Trump is allowed to share classified information if he wants to but he didn’t.

McMaster was in the room and denied it as was Tillerson who denied it, as well.

Rosenstein was never planning to quit the FBI and stated so. The Washington Post ran with the story that he was quitting because of the Comey firing.

As reported by the Washington Post, money was requested for the Russian Probes. Comey never asked for more funding for the Russian probes.

NBC, an alphabet news outlet ran with the ‘FAKE NEWS’.

ABC, another alphabet new outlet, ran with unsubstantiated ‘FAKE NEWS’ as well.

CNN, the Communist News Network, also ran with the FAKE NEWS report.

Now even Putin is saying there is a tape of the White House Russian meeting that DEBUNKS the press.

I’m really ready to scream. Journalism has gone down the drain.

There are people who watch their local alphabet news and believe it. They don’t see the DEBUNKING stories.

We wonder about the stupidity of the Democrats? Look at what they see on their televisions.

It’s time to turn off the news. FOX News has given us both sides so if you must watch news, that is the only place that you will not get FAKE NEWS that is not made up.

Sean Hannity is not a journalist. He gives political commentary. Maybe we all need a little more of that.

I am the 'chief editor' at the 'The Trump Times'. I adore journalism. Politics seems to be my preferred genre although I do not hesitate to write anything that strikes me as interesting. Researching and finding 'Breaking News' makes my blood rush. I've written seventeen books and over that including books in conglomeration with others, mostly for charity. Doing graphic art design has always been fun for me. Sometimes I incorporate this talent into my articles or when a special 'feature picture' is required. You can find me tweeting on: or posting on: I have my own website: You can always find my articles on

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