The phrase YOU’RE FIRED, made famous by Donald Trump, on the 12 season hit Reality Show, The Apprentice (on NBC), is now more real than ever before with the firing of James Comey, (Fr.) Director of the FBI. Now “You’re Fired” is no longer a “Reality Show Catch Phrase”… it’s simply REALITY for James Comey.

The facts are, the POTUS has the right to fire any appointed official, at any time. On the recommendation of the Justice Department, Mr. Trump was compelled to deliver the final blow, something that his predecessor was unable or unwilling to do.

Now, on social media (as well as on Fake News sources) this “sudden firing” is a “hot topic”. Originally the liberal left was calling for Comey’s dismissal for his flip-flopping and the timing of reopening Mrs. Clinton’s email issues and Comey’s failure to find any collusion with Russia by the Trump Campaign.

Now, that Comey has been fired, Social Media is being bombarded with liberal commentary that the firing was to cover up something.

Liberal left pundits on Social Media (amateurs at best) and Main Stream Fake News are all pontificating from both sides of their face, one minute calling for the firing and the next calling out the President for his wrongful act!… Well, which is it???

Elected politicians, like the Democratic Party leader, Chuck Schumer and others, in countless videos are constantly contradicting themselves, with totally diametric viewpoints, only further damaging their credibility (or whatever is left of it, if any). They are “stupid”… don’t they know what they said just a few weeks ago, and that it was video recorded???!!!

As much as I love the FREEDOM of Speech that social media offers everyone equally, and how much it benefits local businesses to compete in their local market, I think that people need to actually stop and consider what they are posting and think about what they might have posted in the past in addition to anticipating what they might post in the future. Are they willing to be consistent with their views or will they just “repost” the next article with a “flaming headline”? In addition, sadly Social media has become a “cesspool” of fake news, opinions made to look like “Real Reporting” and  HOAXES designed to stir up controversy and compel the weak minded people to “share it” with their friends without  reading it completely or thinking about the slanted message within the article.

It’s my hope that Liberals and Conservatives alike will smarten up and think before they post on Social Media and stick to their personal core values … maybe even set politics aside and do what is right for our country…Jobs, Economy, Fair Trade, Security, Eradicate Terrorism and Prosperity for all American.

About the Author:

Joe Grushkin: CEO, President and Founder of MaxExposure Social Media, the Premier Social Media and Review Management company since 2012, offering the most comprehensive suite of service to local businesses, at the most affordable price, guaranteed! /

Writer/Publisher for the Trump Times
Founder/CEO of Total Rooms

Writer/Publisher for the Trump Times
Founder/CEO of Total Rooms

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