Please Join the Coalition For Trump group on Thursday, August 11, 2016 for a Twitter Rally from 8-10pm EST.  Our prepared tweets will be focusing on the need for Unity within the Republican Party, and with all Americans of all races, ages, and gender to help get Trump elected as our next President!  If we do not want a continuation of our Corrupt Government, we MUST vote for Trump on November 8th!  Our Event hashtag will be #Unify.




We have prepared some Modified Tweets for this event that are focused on the how much better Donald Trump will be for America than Hillary.  These tweets are set up with our #CoalitionForTrump hashtag, and our event hashtag of #Unify. With a few exceptions, each tweet also has a picture meme created by the Coalition For Trump’s Art Department. We will be adding more tweets before this Event and afterwards until we great a great collection of tweets featuring our event hashtag.

The process is simple:
1) One by one, just take and copy each of the tweets below, exactly as they are, and paste into your Twitter Account and hit the Tweet button! Please leave the MT @TwitterName intact, as that gives credit to the original person whose tweet that it was! The first tweet below is an Event Invite.

2) Once you have tweeted out all the prepared tweets, you can search in Twitter using either of the hashtags – #CoalitionForTrump or #Unify and Retweet out other Trump tweets with these hashtags! Let’s make as much Trump noise as we can during our rally time!

3) Even after the Rally is over, you can copy/paste these tweets into Twitter all the way up until the Election in November!  Let’s all help get Trump elected!

4) If you want to grow your Twitter audience, be sure to FOLLOW your fellow Trump peeps, especially those who retweet your tweets during the rally and those that you tweet! Most Trump supporters will FOLLOW YOU BACK!

PREPARED TWEETS: (Just copy/paste each one into Twitter)

Event Invite Tweet:

  • Join the #CoalitionForTrump #Unify Twitter Rally Thurs 8/11, from 8-10pm EST!
    Prepared Tweets: http://www.thetrumptimes.com/trump-twitter-rallies/unify/

Prepared Tweets:

  • MT @Coalition4Trump: This election is bet. right & wrong!
    Trump will end the corruption!


  • MT @DTAPElite: For the sake of our children, we MUST #Unify against #CrookedHillary


  • MT @Coalition4Trump: Vote For America! #Unify behind the ONLY Candidate working for WE THE PEOPLE


  • MT @PatrioticChoice: No More Corruption!
    WE THE PEOPLE must #Unify and support #Trump!


  • MT @Coalition4Trump: Join us in Jan for the Trump “Victory” Cruise to the Bahamas
    FB Invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/1612811989048335/


  • MT @DTAP4NSecurity: Gun owners in America need to #Unify with #Trump against #CrookedHillary who is against our #2A


  • MT @Coalition4Trump: We need to #Unify together to elect #Trump and put an end to Globalism!


  • MT @Stevenwhirsch99: If the #Republican party continues to #Unify this will be a landslide victory for @realDonaldTrump #VoteTrump #MAGA


  • MT @Coalition4Trump: Time to #Unify our Country & Vote For Donald #Trump & #MakeAmericaGreatAgain


  • MT @DTAP4NSecurity: We must #Unify to restore law & order to America and protect our Country!


  • MT @Coalition4Trump: We must all #unify against our corrupt Govt and return Integrity, Pride, and Honor to America!


  • MT @LeighStorz: America needs to #Unify against #CrookedHillary and #MediaBias


  • MT @Coalition4Trump: It’s time for all to #Unify against #CrookedHillary



MORE TWEETS TO COME!!! We will be adding more Tweets before the event to this list!


We will be having a Twitter Rally every other Thursday through the end of September, and then every Thursday until the Election in November.  Please check out our Trump Twitter Rally Schedule and let’s help Trump get elected!


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