Hurricane Irma: Where is it Going?

Hurricane Irma is going to cause trouble for Florida. After hitting Cuba it has shifted its path. The National Hurricane Center has detected that that it will hit Florida with […]

VIDEO: Promises Made Promises Kept

Even with all the disgusting comments made by ‘fake news’ and the non-commitment, even by the GOP, President Trump has kept his campaign promises. Trump may be, in fact, the […]

New Trump Ad to be Released Today 2

Well, I guess today is the day we who watch cable TV news networks will start seeing this ad featuring President Donald J. Trump. It looks like Americans will see […]

Do You Want Obama’s DACA to Stay Enforced? 4

It seems apparent that Trump voters don’t want “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” known as DACA. Former President Barack Obama introduced the law and applications for the program began on […]

Government is Not Your Friend

Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, etc.; where is the America presented to the American citizen for a citizen government?  Where are the citizens?  I have added a few lines to this because […]

Do You Think McCain Should Just Stay Home? 4

Senator John McCain plans to return to the Senate, which will give Senate Republicans a full delegation of 52 votes. McCain just finished his first round of chemotherapy for an […]

What Really Happened in Houston Texas? 2

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner had different ideas over whether Houston should have been evacuated. This is raising questions about officials’ response to damaging floodwaters as […]