State Leaders Job Description

Our Drain The Swamp initiative is looking for State Leaders in each of the 50 states.


It is imperative that your district leaders work together with other GOP/Trump groups in the area that may already have events/activities in progress. We want to ADD to their effort, not diminish it. If we are united with other groups in this effort, all the activities and events will be stronger and more successful

Position responsibilities of the State Leader will be to oversee their individual District Leaders in the following efforts:

  • Participate in recruiting district team leaders for your state. Before selection of district lead, review with each candidate their support of DJT, verify they are registered voters, their commitment for volunteer activity participation for the upcoming Coalition and other DJT Election Efforts – review their FB Profiles. Be confident in your selection(s). Communicate with Coalition Mgmt Team with any questions and/or concerns.
  • Review the DJT Leaders for Community Support group daily as Coalition Team Mgmt will be disseminating important DJT Election information there for State Leaders to share with their District Leaders via individual State groups.
  • Become familiar with all the resources available on our Election Resources page.  There are many valuable links and resources to share with the district leaders.
  • Check the Administrators Art Dept. daily for memes relating to Trump/Pence scheduled events in your state, or other state/district events. You may also request our art department to create state/district specific memes to share with your district leaders.
  • Coordinate information/activities with your individual District Leaders – Communicate with each daily while overseeing efforts and offering State Leader and/or Coalition Team mgmt input/support.
  • Coordinate efforts to secure DJT Election activities Speakers and their abilities to communicate APPROVED public pro-Trump addresses within your individual State/Districts.
  • Look for and share specifics on other DJT Election activities coordinated by other local DJT Election organization(s). Coordinate with and support district local GOP/Trump offices. Take photos of activities that can be shared in the state group and the Trump Volunteer group.
  • Be creative! Design and coordinate new DJT community support activities.
  • Use Coalition approved Volunteer form located below and also on our Volunteer Form page.
  • Sign Coalition For Trump confidentiality agreement with regard to handling volunteer information and other sensitive and confidential data.
  • Maintain accurate records of all the district leaders. Minimum information required is name, phone number, and email address. Please treat this personal information as very confidential.
  • Update your state group daily with relevant information to keep your district leaders informed and engaged.
  • Oversee and Coordinate with all individual District Leaders within your State ensuring their efforts/success of expected duties are maintained – that the district group efforts are an overall success. Provide direction in those instances where individual District Leaders efforts appear less than expected. Involve Coalition Team Mgmt when needed.


If you are interested in becoming a State Leader and helping Trump Make America Great Again, please fill out and submit the form below. Also, please add to your contact list to avoid any of our communications from being put into your spam folder.

You can find your Congressional Voting District here by Zip Code:


Next Steps: If you are on Facebook, please ask to join your State Group from our State Groups page that provides the links to our groups!

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