Washington D.C.

It’s Happening Sweetheart! The Main Stream Media EXPOSED!

By Kathy Crest: Russia, Russia, Russia. For the past year, it’s all we’ve heard about. Russian collusion. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin interfering in the election and causing Hillary Clinton […]

The Real Russian Story: Look at Clinton

By Daveda Gruber: Are you ready for the real Russian story? On Thursday President Trump accused the ‘Fake Media’ of ignoring new details about the 2010 approval of a controversial […]

Time to Throw Out the Raisins for Some New Grapes-TERM LIMITS!

By Kathy Crest: One only has to watch the footage of California Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, in any of her latest interviews, speeches, or rants, to know that the woman is […]

The Desperation is Showing: Flint Offers 10 Million to Take Trump Down 1

By Kathy Crest: The front page of the Internet is now a “WANTED” poster for President Trump. Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, is prepared to offer 10 million dollars […]

BREAKING VIDEO: President Trump’s Cabinet Meet in the White House

By Daveda Gruber: Breaking News! Members of President Trump’s Cabinet meet in the White House at this moment. The video is posted for you to watch or to tune in […]

Donors to Anti-Trump Movement Revealed: Boycott? 15

It seems that there is an anti-Trump organization which has many prominent donors who sit on the Boards of Directors. A Washington, D.C.-based 501, ‘The Center for Community Change’, progressive […]

Government is Not Your Friend

Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, etc.; where is the America presented to the American citizen for a citizen government?  Where are the citizens?  I have added a few lines to this because […]