Vice President Mike Pence

Video: President Trump Visits Hurricane Struck Florida

President Trump arrived in Florida today just four days after Hurricane Irma raised havoc through the state. Arriving on Air Force One in Fort Myers, which is on the southwestern […]

Government is Not Your Friend

Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, etc.; where is the America presented to the American citizen for a citizen government?  Where are the citizens?  I have added a few lines to this because […]

Vice President Pence on President Trump’s New Strategy for Afghanistan

Vice President Mike Pence has some good words to say about President Trump’s new American strategy for Afghanistan. Pence says that it will undo past failures. Here are Pence’s thoughts […]

VIDEO: President Trump Full Speech 8.22.17 Phoenix Arizona

In case you missed it, here is a video of President Trump’s rally-like speech aired live last night from Phoenix, Arizona. Vice President Mike Pence introduced him. Lee Greenwood’s song […]

Beauty Supported by Poverty: Where is Small Town America?

From Baker City, Oregon. A beautiful place in Eastern Oregon that has been kept down in too many ways by city fathers to the point it is suffering greatly. A […]


You Citizen, have a responsibility as a citizen of the United States as well as a citizen of your state to help protect the Sovereignty, Liberty and Independence of all […]

John McCain Diagnosed with Aggressive Brain Tumor

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. McCain spoke with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and said he’s been through wars. McCain has glioblastoma, an aggressive […]

We Get Real News Directly from Our President

We live in a great era of new and constantly improving technology. Even though our means of communicating are sometimes flawed by the powers that be, we still seem to […]

Karma Can Really be a Bitch: Who Wants Lynch Taken Down?

Democrats have questioned whether President Trump tried to interfere in the Russian meddling probe in the 2016 campaign. Republicans have countered by stepping up inquiry of Lynch’s actions. Well now […]