Trump Administration

In Case You Missed it: President Trump in Texas and Louisiana

If I could I would ask for a better government, I would ask for a Congress that worked for the people of this great nation. As for a President, I’ve […]

Defending The #MAGA Platform 7

After Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka resigned from their White House positions just a few months after each other, there are a lot “lukewarm” Trump supporters who claim that […]

Open Letter to President Trump: I Volunteer to be Your Liaison to the Jewish Community 2

Mr President Donald J. Trump, My name is David Weissman. I am a United States Jewish American Army war veteran who lives in Jerusalem, Israel. I am a big time […]

VIDEO: President Trump Addresses the Nation – Full Speech

Most people were watching President Trump’s speech to the nation, which interrupted regular program stations and others were on stand-by and broadcasted it. It was more difficult to watch it […]

Some Positive Trump News – Unusual Isn’t it? 4

President Trump has made good on many of his campaign promises. Why does mainstream media (FAKE NEWS) not report it? I love Trump and what he’s doing for this country. […]

Will Uniting the Right Ever be Possible in America? 1

I have never seen such hatred towards the President of the United States as well as his administration, family and his supporters. Progressive liberals including the main stream media has […]

The Battle for Freedom and Survival of the American Dream 1

The BATTLE for FREEDOM and Survival of the American Dream Think long & hard about THIS for a moment… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google have been INFILTRATED with Muslim employees, […]