Dinesh D’Souza: His Past Predictions and What the Democrats are Doing Now through a Video 2

By: Daveda Gruber Dinesh D’Souza put out a movie “2016 The Movie” or as some people know it, “Obama’s America 2016” and in it he made predictions. The movie was […]

Some Positive Trump News – Unusual Isn’t it? 4

President Trump has made good on many of his campaign promises. Why does mainstream media (FAKE NEWS) not report it? I love Trump and what he’s doing for this country. […]

Do We Need Justin Trudeau as President, or Should We Keep Trump? 21

He Made the Cover of the Rolling Stone: ‘President Trudeau’? Just here recently, Justin Trudeau was featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine. It says on the cover […]