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Over 50 Murdered and Over 500 Hospitalized in Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Las Vegas became a slaughter sight last night. Sunday night 50 people were murdered by a gunman and over 400 were sent to hospital. This is the deadliest mass shooting […]

Violent Protesters: One of them is Friends with Who? 8

Mugshots and identification of five of the nine people arrested Thursday night were released by Berkeley Police. They were protesting at the University of California, Berkeley during an appearance by […]

Government is Not Your Friend

Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, etc.; where is the America presented to the American citizen for a citizen government?  Where are the citizens?  I have added a few lines to this because […]

Is Anyone to Blame for the Horror in Charlottesville Virginia?

Tell me, please, how is President Trump to blame for this? When BLM groups caused tragedy during riots that stemmed from protests, was Barrack Obama blamed? The horror that we […]

Beauty Supported by Poverty: Where is Small Town America?

From Baker City, Oregon. A beautiful place in Eastern Oregon that has been kept down in too many ways by city fathers to the point it is suffering greatly. A […]