Government is Not Your Friend

Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, etc.; where is the America presented to the American citizen for a citizen government?  Where are the citizens?  I have added a few lines to this because […]

Do You Think McCain Should Just Stay Home? 4

Senator John McCain plans to return to the Senate, which will give Senate Republicans a full delegation of 52 votes. McCain just finished his first round of chemotherapy for an […]

My Name’s Garcia – Yes I am An American: Do You Have a Problem With That?

Once in a while over these past 8 years, I’ve seen comments on social whether it was on Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube like “Garcia? Trump’s going to deport you” […]

The Battle for Freedom and Survival of the American Dream 1

The BATTLE for FREEDOM and Survival of the American Dream Think long & hard about THIS for a moment… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google have been INFILTRATED with Muslim employees, […]

Horror Strikes in London at Least 7 Dead 50 Injured in Terrorist Attack 4

Horror erupted in London, England last night at around 10 PM local time when terrorists rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge. After the initial attack three men jumped […]