Some Positive Trump News – Unusual Isn’t it? 3

President Trump has made good on many of his campaign promises. Why does mainstream media (FAKE NEWS) not report it? I love Trump and what he’s doing for this country. […]

President Trump Fulfills Promise to Veterans

Our great president is doing so much for this country. He’s helping our veterans just as he promised to do. President Donald Trump signed a large spending bill Saturday, August 12, 2017 […]

Do Democrats Have the Advantage if Confederate Statues are Taken Down?

When does it happen that two or more groups of extremists can be in the same place and fight and hurt one and other, in effect leaving one woman dead, […]

Why Do People Need Actors and Photographers for a Protest?

With all of the debate on the happenings in Charlottesville, VA over the past weekend, it makes me wonder why people intentionally gather to violently protest. Why do people put […]

Is Anyone to Blame for the Horror in Charlottesville Virginia?

Tell me, please, how is President Trump to blame for this? When BLM groups caused tragedy during riots that stemmed from protests, was Barrack Obama blamed? The horror that we […]