Jennifer Sasser

About Jennifer Sasser

I am a retired art teacher, and, now a writer of news articles about President Trump. I am an avid Trump supporter and encourage others to support him as well. Also I do art, of different types and teach at various venues, ceramics and painting and drawing. I am a born again Christian and a staunch Conservative, which affects everything I do.

Is the Comey Led FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton Now Unraveling? 4

Friday August 4th, 2017 413 pages were released by the DOJ (Department of Justice) about all the scandals we have been hearing about, since before the election, and now finally […]

Do We Need Justin Trudeau as President, or Should We Keep Trump? 21

He Made the Cover of the Rolling Stone: ‘President Trudeau’? Just here recently, Justin Trudeau was featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine. It says on the cover […]