By Daveda Gruber:

This country has become very sick. A man becomes a woman to eventually assault a young female child.

A transgender woman from Wyoming was convicted Thursday of sexually assaulting a 10 year old girl inside a bathroom.

Formerly Miguel Martinez, Michelle Martinez, who now identifies as female, was found guilty of first-degree and second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. Martinez could face up to 70 years in prison.

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Martinez, is a family friend and invited the girl into the bathroom on March 23, and touched her breasts and genitalia before penetrating her.

The 10 year old girl told her mother immediately after the assault. The mother reported it to Casper Police.

After the attack, the girl told police “it hurt inside.”

At the Wyoming Medical Center  nurses performed a sexual assault exam on the minor and found redness and abrasions around the girl’s genitalia.

When questioned about the assault, Martinez, became “noticeably hostile and defensive” and said the girl was “talking crap” before denying being a child molester. Martinez also called the accusations a “publicity stunt.”

Martinez pleaded not guilty on both counts.

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Not guilty? Monsters like this should be put away for life. I have another view but will not state it in this article.

When you take away God, our national anthem, our flag, our statues of the past then what do you have left? A nation with Liberal attitudes that include pedophilia.  I happen to find this attitude very disturbing.

Maybe this way of life has been going on for longer than I know. Still, it is becoming more and more acceptable. The elites, including politicians, are involved in this behavior. In my article before this one, people arrested for human trafficking were from diverse backgrounds such as a cancer surgeon, teacher, pediatrician, Air Force veteran, retired deputy sheriff, retired police officer, active colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps and several pharmacists. They ranged in age from 16 to 74 years old.

What has become of America?

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