By Kathy Crest:

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger in the Las Vegas shooting incident, the FBI and police made sure not to let us down. An investigative journalist by the name of Jason Goodman, from ‘Crowdsource The Truth’, decided to pay a little visit to the Clark County Coroner’s Office this week, only to find that it has been on lock down since the shooting.

When Goodman arrived, he found police meandering outside. He did not speak to them at first and approached the front door, and when he tried to open it, he found it locked. The sign on the window gave the indication that the office should be open at the time, so Goodman rang the doorbell. It took a while for an elderly woman to open the door, ever so slightly, and she immediately told him the office was on lock down.

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Goodman introduced himself as a reporter, and the woman was quick to shut down the conversation, but he insisted on getting something out of her. He asked if it was normal protocol for the office to be put on lock down. She said it had been the first it had happened since she had been employed there. He asked how long she had worked there, but did not get an answer. The only thing the woman did offer openly was that she thought the lock down would be over in a week. When asked if he could return in a week, she then said she wasn’t sure it would be back open then.

Goodman continued to press the woman for answers, asking about the coroner himself. He wanted to know why the man had been “appointed” to a position that normally gets filled in an election. The woman didn’t know. She referred him to the police outside, saying they might be able to answer the question. So he thanked her and went to seek them out.

The police were no more interested in the reporter’s questions than the woman had been, and when he asked about the appointment of the coroner, the police would not give out any information. He asked if they didn’t think it was odd that a coroner, who is the highest officer, even above the sheriff and police, would be appointed to an office and not elected as was normal procedure. Again, no response.

As Goodman stepped away, he made a comment under his breath, saying how it just might make it a lot easier to commit murder and get away with it if you control the coroner’s office. It sure wouldn’t hurt.

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This new revelation, when added to the all the other strange accounts of this investigation, screams cover up, but what exactly are the FBI and police covering up? We now have a woman of 28 years old who witnessed the attack and detailed the shootings on social media, who has mysteriously died of natural causes. Then the security guard who was shot during the attack, who was all set to appear on 5 TV shows, suddenly disappears, only to show up 5 days later on the ‘ELLEN Show’! And how interesting that the MGM in Las Vegas just happens to sponsor the ELLEN show and has slot machines that feature her! While on the show, Ellen made the comment that she understood why the guard would only want to go on one show, HERS, because he would only want to relive the shooting once!  The security guard’s family members are under a gag order, and their home has also been placed on lock down. Other witnesses to the attack, who had their cell phones and computers confiscated, told how their devices were wiped clean when returned. And of course we have seen the sheriff officer who has given details to the investigation, then changed the details, and then changed them again and again, who appears to be getting more nervous in each session, as an FBI agent burns a hole in the back of his head with his glare, and occasionally glances down at the officer’s paperwork to make sure he is staying on task.

You would have to have your head buried 30 feet in the sand to not see there is something very suspicious about this case, and it reminds us of the JFK shooting so long ago. The documents from the assassination of President Kennedy are set to be released at the end of this month. CIA agents are desperate to see those documents held under lock and key for another 25 years, and fighting Trump on the issue.

Recent declassified documents from that same era prove just how far our government is willing to go to see an agenda fulfilled. Operation Northwoods was the name of the ill-fated plan. Members of congress were hell bent on going to war with Cuba, but knew it would be a hard sell to war weary Americans. So they came up with a plan to create terror attacks on American soil that would ultimately kill untold amounts of innocent Americans. Fortunately former President Kennedy put a stop to the plan, and it was thankfully scrapped.

Our government gets rich off of war, while the country itself falters. Congress members reign in more power and control. They use false flag event to push narratives. It may be another 50 years before Americans know the truth about the Vegas shootings, unless the American people say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. No longer can they get away clean with these anti-American attacks, because too many people are watching now. But it is time for us to speak out and speak out loudly. It could happen to anyone at any time. It isn’t fair and it is time for Americans to stand up and do something about it.

I am just an average citizen, one who loves this country and the freedoms it has to offer. I appreciate our men and women in the military, and want to express my gratitude to them for everything they give up, so that I may enjoy a life without barriers. I write, because it is the only way I know how to express what I believe to be the truth. I feel it is a duty, but it is also a great pleasure.

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