By Kathy Crest:

The Russian collusion scandal just might take a 180 degree turn if Sean Hannity has anything to say about it. Yesterday he released an earth-shattering statement on Twitter that read: “Tick tock tomorrow. BOOM.”

According to InfoWars, Hannity also announced during his show last night that Circa’s Sara Carter and The Hill’s John Solomon would be breaking a story on Tuesday evening that relates to Hillary Clinton and the Russian collusion narrative. Carter herself implicitly confirmed this by tweeting, “you’re getting hotter” when someone asked if it had anything to do with Hannity.


Carter tweeted, “Wonder what story I’ll be breaking tomorrow? Hint, it has to do with #Russia, something that happened in the Obama Administration and an informant, curious? Stay tuned…,” she added.

For over a year, the FBI has been investigating the link between President Trump and Russia, in an effort to pin election interference that caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election. For almost as long, we have heard that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, has hard evidence to prove something quite different. Speculation over the  last few days appears to confirm that Assange is ready to drop the ball.

According to InfoWars, on Sunday, Assange tweeted a series of numbers that resembled an encryption key, prompting Hannity to respond with a number of tweets that were subsequently deleted which suggested that Assange was about to dismantle the Russian collusion conspiracy theory. “Does this mean that Julian Assange is FINALLY ready to spill the beans on who gave him the DNC emails during the 2016 election??” asks Joshua Caplan. It looks like we might finally learn the truth tonight via Sean Hannity.

The Democrats who have such strong ties to Hollywood, whom many say are CONTROLLED by Hollywood globalists, have hit hard times as of late with one scandal breaking after another. If the Russian collusion story backfires on them, it may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Today may be a date locked in the history books forever.

I am just an average citizen, one who loves this country and the freedoms it has to offer. I appreciate our men and women in the military, and want to express my gratitude to them for everything they give up, so that I may enjoy a life without barriers. I write, because it is the only way I know how to express what I believe to be the truth. I feel it is a duty, but it is also a great pleasure.

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