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By Julieta Rienstra:

Donald Trump has stated over and over again that one of his first priorities will be to strengthen our military. He knows that a strong military is the only deterrent to thwart our enemies. The idea is to build our military so strong that no one will mess with us because it would be certain death for them.

For those of you in South Carolina this will immediately translate into more jobs. For example, Charleston is home to a number of defense contractors due to its deep water port of great capacity. Charleston in particular is poised to benefit from the military expansion. Additionally, many defense contractors would locate themselves throughout the state to be in close proximity to Charleston. Hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs would be created by these contractors if Trump is elected. Not to mention the number of healthcare jobs that would instantaneously be created when President Trump begins taking care of our service men and women, the Vets, wounded warriors and their families.

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South Carolina is uniquely positioned to reap rewards with their military installations. Parris Island, training base for Marines, is only one location that would see a resurgence in their economy. South Carolina is home to two Air Force bases, two Marine bases, one Army base and three Naval bases. Anyone who has ever lived in close proximity to a military base knows how much the surrounding economy is dependent on these stations. Just imagine! Renewed vigor and good paying stable jobs will come with President Trump with the added bonus of a strong and proud military that is properly outfitted and cared for before, during and after service.

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