By Kathy Crest:

The front page of the Internet is now a “WANTED” poster for President Trump. Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, is prepared to offer 10 million dollars to anyone who can bring our chief executive down.

What exactly is Mr. Flint referring to? Is he looking for someone with big enough testicles to pull off an assassination? After all he wouldn’t be the first personality to publicly admit they want Trump dead. Or is he looking for ‘information’, true or untrue, that can be contrived in a manner that would result in his impeachment? And why would Flynt be so adamant about removing Trump from office? Could he possibly be the next Harvey Weinstein?

This isn’t the first time Flynt has offered money to stop Trump. According to the Daily News, in October of last year, Flynt put up $1 million for “verifiable video footage or audio recordings for use prior to the November 8 election clearly showing Donald Trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner.”

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The Democratic Party has done its share of investigating Trump as well. They have used everything they can think of to take him down, calling him unfit to hold office, saying he is mentally unstable, and trying to link him to their own Russian scandal, all to no avail.

Donald Trump seems to be two steps ahead of everyone. All the tactics that have worked in the past seem to slap his attackers right back in the face. The Obama administration spied on him for a good year prior to the election, and  couldn’t come up with anything to use against him. Our president has a way about him that the American people love. For one, he isn’t a politician, and that is something that drives congress members on both sides of the aisle nuts.

But why is it that Hollywood elites hold such a grudge against the man? Prior to him running for president, they all loved him and praised him. He was awarded for his donations to black communities and praised when he was a Democrat. Somehow that has all changed, and it is becoming obvious why.

There has been a hidden secret in Hollywood that is now threatening their very existence. Sex, sex slavery, sex trafficking, drugs, prostitution, pedophilia, and death threats. Those at the top have used their positions to force young women, men, and yes, even child actors, to perform sex acts against their will. If they refuse, they don’t work. If they threaten, they will be killed. There have been too many who have come forth now to deny the charges. Panic has set in.

Could it be that there is a tie between the music industry, Hollywood, and our government? Are they all just players of a very sinister game? We have heard for years about a ‘one world government’ and ‘globalist agenda’, and might it be there is a shared effort to achieve their goals by combining the massive amounts of money and power that they all provide?

To listen to some in the industry who have had the courage to speak out, you either push the liberal agenda or you are black listed, and those who are willing to go all the way, end up the top moguls. It is a super power combined of the worst kind of people, but one that has met its match in Donald Trump. He cannot be bought nor intimidated. He works best under pressure, and the most remarkable thing about our president, is that he truly loves this nation and the people who comprise it. He has God on his side, and both are super powers not to be reckoned with.

I am just an average citizen, one who loves this country and the freedoms it has to offer. I appreciate our men and women in the military, and want to express my gratitude to them for everything they give up, so that I may enjoy a life without barriers. I write, because it is the only way I know how to express what I believe to be the truth. I feel it is a duty, but it is also a great pleasure.

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