Boy Scouts Will Now be “Co-Ed” Scouts 2

Kathy Crest:

In a unanimous decision by the Board of Directors, the Boy Scouts of America will now allow girls to join their organization. The club, which was founded in 1910 and based on traditional values, has undergone major changes over the past 5 years. It recently changed its handbooks to allow gay boys as well as transgenders to join. The directors stopped short of allowing gay leaders in the organization.


Girls will now be able to join as early as next year. The smaller Cub Scout packs will remain reserved for either girl or boy scouts but will not reflect the new co-ed decision. The larger scout packs, which consist of the older children, will be the ones to adhere to the new policy changes.

The Boy Scouts of America currently has an enrollment of approximately 2.4 million boys. On the other hand, the Girl Scouts of America, which was founded 2 years after the Boy Scouts, only has a membership of approximately 1.5 million and has seen a decline in enrollment numbers over the years. Board members of this organization have complained that the Boy Scouts are only making these changes to up their membership numbers and for financial gain.

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The liberal movement, which exploded under the Obama administration, has been responsible for many of these decisions. But are they good ones? Do they undermine our values and morals of this country? Children are becoming sexually active at a younger and younger age all the time. What will happen when boys and girls unite during over night field trips? Is the Boy Scout organization prepared to deal with this and are they asking for legal trouble with this latest decision? How will they address “situations” if and when they arise and how will parents feel about the decision? Will enrollment now plummet for their organization as well? Time will tell.




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2 thoughts on “Boy Scouts Will Now be “Co-Ed” Scouts

  • Robert Jeter

    I have friends who think this is a horrible idea and they will be writing letters to get this stopped but to me it might work it seems that boys and girls can be civilized together and if I was a boy in scouts I would have loved to go camping with my girlfriend. Oh my did I say that yea parents might want to have that talk before your scouts go on that next outing