Trump To Take Healthcare Measures Into His Own Hands

By Kathy Crest – Much to the disdain of the Democrats and a few RINO’s, President Trump tweeted again today, this time to announce that he will use HIS pen to make changes to the healthcare system that will bring down the costs of premiums and force insurance companies to be more competitive. He plans to implement one of the ideas coming from Rand Paul’s healthcare plan, which is to allow health insurance to be sold across state lines. He has the power as president to write an executive order making this change,  and since he cannot get congress to agree on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, he will take matters into his own hands and at least take the first step in revising President Obama’s signature healthcare plan.

Many Americans feel they were sold a pack of lies when it comes to Obamacare. President Obama made his famous comment, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, PERIOD” a total of 26 times. He also said Americans would see a reduction in their premiums that would average $2500 per year for a family of four. The first sign of disaster came with a billion dollar website that according to many, still doesn’t work properly. The basic idea behind this plan was to get young, healthy people to sign up, and the money from their premiums would offset the government subsidies that would be handed out for the less fortunate. Obamacare would make it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. What was not anticipated was that the healthy, young people would quickly figure out that if they could not be turned down if they got sick, that there was no reason to pay for coverage while they were healthy.

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When Obamacare was voted on, it passed with out one Republican signature. Within weeks of it going into law, Americans started receiving those ill fated letters, telling them their insurance had been canceled due to the mandates created by Obamacare. Over 6 million men, women and children were now faced with trying to replace their plans that many had been perfectly happy with. Men were quickly learning that they were being forced to pay for things like maternity, pap smears, and birth control. Women would see their premiums covering things like prostate care and vasectomies. Premiums were MORE expensive than their previous ones and deductibles were so high that  unless the insured had a catastrophic event during the year, they would never see any return on their investment.  Over time, insurance companies began to see losses, BIG losses. The money going out far exceeded what was coming in, and when contracts expired between those companies and Obamacare exchanges, they were not renewed. This left the government holding the bag, and it would now have to subsidize smaller insurance companies to take the place of the larger ones. And just like the automobile insurance industry, bigger companies usually mean better coverage and lower rates, and Americans were now seeing their rates skyrocket and coverage going down.


In 2014, videos started to surface of a man named Johnathon Gruber. Most had never heard the name before but soon learned he was one of the main “architects” of Obamacare. A man who claimed to be upset over his premiums doubling, decided to secretly tape Gruber as he spoke before his fellow Democrats during private meetings. He went from being upset to downright irate when he heard Gruber’s take on Obamacare. President Trump has mentioned Gruber on a few occasions, referring to his comment, “Obamacare was only passed because of the stupidity of the American voter.” According to ABC News, “Gruber has made controversial comments in the past, but they don’t compare to the comments that came to light this week, six videos in total and counting – including one where he refers to the “stupidity of the American voter.” In another, when talking about Obamacare tax credits, he said, “American voters are too stupid to understand the difference.” Another quote that came directly from Gruber went like this, “If you have a law that makes explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it wouldn’t have passed,” Gruber said in a video from 2013. “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and, basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever. But basically that was really critical to getting the thing to pass.” In other words, if the people had known the truth, Democrats could have never passed the bill, because their futures would not have been very bright.

Fox News was the only main stream news station to air the Gruber videos. The man who secretly taped them claimed that he tried to give them to several other news organizations but the reception did not go well. He stated that even Fox News turned him down at first but ultimately agreed to air them. What these tapes proved to Americans who did get the chance to see them, was that all those Democrats who approved this measure knew PRIOR to voting it into law, that premiums were going to go up and that our government thought we were too stupid to figure it out.

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