Operation Northwoods a Documented False Flag Event

By Kathy Crest:

We hear the term “false flag”  used today whenever a terror attack occurs in America, but how do we decipher the truth from fiction? The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas has brought more questions than answers, with investigators changing their story on a daily basis. It would seem the easiest and quickest way to ease the suspicions of the public, would be for the media to air footage of the shooter in the casino and hotel. With thousands of cameras shooting from every angle imaginable, surely police have captured the madman entering and leaving the hotel, something he would have had to have done many times in order to carry up the amount of ammo and weaponry that investigators claim he did. This footage would provide insight on whether he had help or if he acted alone. If we could see videos of him gambling, see the prostitute he supposedly met up with, watch him drinking at a bar, ANYTHING, anything that would place him at the scene and prove to us in our own minds that “this was the man”, maybe it would calm our worst fears.

Not long ago, I happened upon the newly declassified documents from a false flag event that fortunately never happened. I learned that these types of operations have been used by militaries all over the world and have taken place for centuries. Operation Northwoods came about in 1962 during  the Kennedy era, at a time when Americans were weary of war and not interested in getting involved in another one. Members of the Joint Chief of Staff and Department of Defense had come up with a plan to change their minds. It involved the creation of false flag events on American soil that would kill and injure innocent Americans and military members, and those attacks would be blamed on Cuba, the country they wanted to defeat.


President Kennedy was not keen on the plan, and thankfully it was scrapped. The plan involved shooting down commercial airplanes, attacking military bases and ships, and bombing civilians in American cities. I was dumbfounded after reading the declassified documents. I felt as if I had been punched in the gut. It is one thing to guess, to wonder, to question whether our government could possibly be capable of committing such heinous acts. But it is another to KNOW they are capable of it. It brings doubt to our minds every time we hear of an attack, and worse yet makes us fear our own government. Our media once acted as the watchdogs of society and we relied on reporters for the truth. There was no “fake news” or false flag events, or so we thought. It makes one wonder how long we have been deceived and how long we have been lied to. It makes us wonder where the next false flag event will occur, and when.

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