NFL Offensive Line Coach Sniffs White Powder in Video

By Daveda Gruber:

The NFL seems to know how to get into trouble. The ‘taking a knee’ has made ratings go down big time. Now the Miami Dolphins have another problem to contend with. This time it is white powder.

The video appears to be as quoted, “is just as new/stunning” to head coach Adam Gase and the team as everyone else.

The video of what appears to be Chris Foerster, the Dolphins offensive line coach snorting a white substance surfaced online Sunday night.

In the video, the man, whom multiple sources said was Foerster, has him saying, “Hey, baby, miss you, thinking about you. How about me going into a meeting and doing this before I go?” He then snorts the first line of white powder with a rolled up 20-dollar bill.


I don’t say I know that much about drugs but from what I have noted from movies and friends is that cocaine is sniffed with rolled up money. Could this be the white powder?


Forester has been an NFL assistant coach since 1992, including stretches with seven different teams. This is his second season with the Dolphins as the offensive line coach.

This is Forester’s second time coaching with the Dolphins. He was the offensive coordinator in 2004.

Do we expect someone will get fired over this little mess?


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