Donors to Anti-Trump Movement Revealed: Boycott? 15

It seems that there is an anti-Trump organization which has many prominent donors who sit on the Boards of Directors.

A Washington, D.C.-based 501, ‘The Center for Community Change’, progressive community organizing group which doesn’t reveal its donors, has been involved in direct action against President Donald Trump and Republicans both before and after the November elections. The organization’s members sit on the boards of other well-known liberal activist groups.


The 2015 tax forms are shedding some light on its people who fund them. They provide millions of dollars in assistance. The group seems to rely greatly on a few main liberal foundations, organizations, and unions.

Here is a list that is known:

You may want to stop buying Kellogg cereal.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which was initially created by Will Kellogg, the food manufacturer and founder of Kellogg Company – $3,000,000

The Ford Foundation, first created by the founders of the Ford Motor Company – $2,350,000

George Soros – $1,750,000

California Endowment – $524,500

Marquerite Casey Foundation – $515,000

Fidelity ‘Charitable Gift’ – $505,100

National Immigration Law Center – $316,000


I say let’s boycott those who would hurt President Trump. Maybe if they don’t earn so much, they’ll have less to give.

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15 thoughts on “Donors to Anti-Trump Movement Revealed: Boycott?

  • A.M. Kinross

    It’s hard to believe what’s happening in this country. Why can’t they just let him do his job without all this hate. So sad. Doesn’t our world have enough hate already. It’s just un-American to behave that way towards the President of the United States.

  • Jerry Todd

    Funny the W K Kellogg Foundation established by a major company that make cereals for kids is also a big supporter of Planned Parenthood.

    Ford Foundation. like most foundations established by barons who want to give back to the community end up being run by leftist globalists.

    The same for most National Associations of Anything.

  • John J Kiernan

    God he has answered our prayers. Increasing evil has been affronted and stopped by a blessing from God. Trump and Putin are both Nationalists. They are both anti Globalists. The Global Emperor of Rome under, that old Dragon which was, and which left it’s stamp on another Dragon to rule in it’s stead, the unholy Roman Empire, that old Dragon will again raise it’s head. No, not it’s body just it’s head. The Treaty of Rome lacks cohesion. It has no strength, and it is falling apart, and so Babylon the great will fall. The old Dragon destroyed Israel. Killed them by the thousands, and left the country devoid of Israelis. Having also executed most of the apostles it then took over the church and renamed it the Roman catholic church. It did away with baptism for the dead, changed the ordinance of baptism to sprinkling, Introduced prayers to Mary, whom they called the Mother of God, and prayers to the saints who had died. Introduced 3 forms of baptism, Baptism by blood, fighting for Rome, Baptism by desire, and by sprinkling.


    Boycotting Ford,Kellogg,And Fidelity These Are The Only Companies I Know! I Will Never Support Any Company That Hurts Or Harms My President In Any Way!!

  • Anne Verity

    I agree calling for all to boycott all on the list. Hit them where in hurts in their pockets. Let’s make America great again

  • Exador

    The Ford foundation hasn’t been tied to the Ford family for decades. In fact: “In 1976 a disillusioned Henry Ford II terminated his 34-tenure with a protest against the leftward course his family’s Foundation had pursued. In a stinging letter of resignation, Mr. Ford excoriated the trustees for using the Foundation’s funds to support left-wing causes while abandoning the commitment to free enterprise that had made possible the profits from which the Foundation was created.”

  • Connie

    Thanks again, I am going to be a good support to the admin of our President Trump.We are blessed with a supporter of the American people and his family can consider me a full-time support for them.