VIDEO: President Trump Speaks After Las Vegas Massacre

If you missed President Trump’s speaking after the tragic events that too many suffered through on Sunday in in Las Vegs, here is the video.

This horrific murderous rampage is not about guns or country music, it’s about the loss of life through pure evil.


The Democrats are first to blame the guns. Guns don’t kill, people kill. Is this any different that a car or van ramming into people and taking innocent lives? No, it is an act of evil as are all murders of innocent people.

Fifty-nine innocent people lost their lives and over five hundred were treated and many still being treated in hospitals. The killer is not counted with the dead.



We hope that more will be found out out about the killer. Law enforcement will continue to investigate. It may take time but an answer to why this happened will hopefully be revealed. Maybe a way to stop this type of senseless killing will be uncovered.

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