ISIS Terror Attack in Canada 1

Chaos began outside Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where a Canadian Football League game was being played.

A white Chevy Malibu rammed a traffic-control barricade and sent an officer flying.

The driver got out and attacked the officer with a knife. The officer was stabbed numerous times before the suspect fled on foot.


A few hours later, the suspect was pulled over at a police check stop on Wayne Gretzky Drive, this time driving a U-Haul. The suspect, believed to be 30 years old, took off when police recognized him as the owner of the white Malibu.

At least four people were injured by the speeding U-Haul truck. A witness, Kim Anderson, said, “There were people flying and everything. I’m shocked I just see people flying.”


It was confirmed that an ISIS flag was discovered inside the van.

The events were being investigated as acts of terror.

Maybe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will start to listen more closely to President Trump and his immigration polices.


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One thought on “ISIS Terror Attack in Canada

  • Jo Anna Kalber

    Once again, a naive and ditzy leader sacrifices his people for a dogma of hate! Liberals never seem to learn
    that the world is not all butterfles, unicorns and rainbows! He’s as much a traitor to his people as the
    terrorist is a murderer of them!