“Rocket Man” Gets Protestors Out in Full Force

After recent weapons tests by North Korea and a continuous flow of statements from the government of Kim Jong Un, “Rocket Man” got his protestors out to show support for the little dictator.

President Trump had called Kim a “Rocket Man” who was on a “suicide mission” and said the U.S. would “have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” if forced to defend itself or its allies.


North Korea’s foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, on Saturday called Trump “a mentally deranged person full of megalomania,” and promised that a strike on the U.S. mainland was “inevitable.”

Saturday’s rallies in Pyongyang are regular occurrences in North Korea. They are a part of the government’s effort to win approval from citizens.

Sure, dictators think that forcing people to rally for you really helps your cause.

Members of the crowd expressed support for their government and criticized Trump and the United States.

Ri Il Ung, 24, a student at Pyongyang Mechanical University said, “Trump is a warmonger and a backstreet gangster,” said “It’s quite ridiculous that such a person could become a politician.”


I guess they think that eating bits of rice and murdered dog’s meat is a fine way of life under the dictatorship of their chubby little dictator.

Ordinary North Koreans normally share only government-approved statements when speaking to foreign reporters or they could get shot.

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