CNN Censors New Trump Ad: Let President Trump Do His Job

Okay, we know most of us will not watch CNN (Communist News Network) and we understand that they do not put out news.

President Trump’s campaign released a new video ad and guess what? CNN censored it. Yes, a paid ad was censored. That makes me sick to my stomach.

Guess what? We’ll watch it. It’s right here in this article and we will watch it. Join me and boycott CNN and watch whatever they censor.

Let’s help President Trump get  his message out. Let’s be his army. We are the Trump Movement. We will not let the stupidity of a few deny us our rights.


Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., President Trump’s reelection campaign committee, released a new campaign advertisement that highlights some of the President’s remarkable achievements, exposes the President’s “enemies,” and references Americans who are “…saying let President Trump do his job.”

Key achievements by President Trump that are highlighted in the ad include:

One million new jobs created

More Americans working than ever before

Unemployment at its lowest level since 2001

The strongest military in decades

Michael S. Glassner, Executive Director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., commented on the new campaign ad, saying:

“After only 200 days in office, President Trump has already achieved great success. He has fueled the creation of one million new jobs and growth in the economy, including new lows in unemployment claims and all-time record highs in the stock market, and he is rebuilding our military to be the strongest in decades.”

“Yet, the mainstream media continue to attack the President and career politicians continue to stand in the way of his progress. This new campaign ad speaks directly to the American people and sets the record straight, reminding them that President Donald Trump will not stop fighting for them and will not allow anyone to stand in his way to deliver success for them.”

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