Is the Comey Led FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton Now Unraveling? 4

Friday August 4th, 2017 413 pages were released by the DOJ (Department of Justice) about all the scandals we have been hearing about, since before the election, and now finally some justice may prevail. This concerning the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Tarmac meeting. Remember that? Hopefully this will clean the swamp, as President Trump has said many times in the campaign, and eradicate corruption, once and for all! This is what many conservatives have been patiently waiting for and liberals have been back peddling to make excuses for all of that, hopefully we’ll hear some good news in the weeks or months to come.

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What essentially happened was back in June 27th, 2016, when as you know, (unless you were living under a rock) Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met and “chatted” before Hillary Clinton was to have her “court case” and have to answer for her 33,000 emails that were on a private server, etc. Well, as you probably also know, the then FBI director James Comey cleared her of this later in his “investigation.” Much to the shock and dismay of conservatives,Hillary Clinton was exonerated, two days after the meeting with Bill and Loretta, on June 29th, 2016. There was a huge travesty of justice because, I for one didn’t believe that the meeting between Hillary’s husband, the former President Bill Clinton and former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch was innocent as they lead on. No one did. Not anyone who is conservative any way and not brainwashed by the left wing media.

The ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) and the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) headed by Jay Sekulow, who has been working on this case for over a year. In fact they sued the DOJ (Department of Justice) and it’s all documented in a document of hundreds of pages, 413 to be exact. There was definite dirty pool played by the corrupt James Comey where he lied about documents that were requested about communication between Loretta Lynch and former President Clinton. Comey said there were no such documents. Emails now have been uncovered where they ask “How are we going to deal with this”, because the press found out about Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch having this meeting. Not only that Loretta Lynch, as it turns out, had an alias to send emails back and forth and her alias/fake name is “Elizabeth Carlisle.”

So we go from no emails when requested to flagged emails, about the meeting “what do we do about this?” The DOJ and FBI are caught with their pants down. The press reveals that the two met together and provide photos. The two being Loretta and Bill. It’s so unprofessional for an Attorney General to meet with the husband of a politician who is undergoing investigation, isn’t it? At the time, all I could do was grit my teeth, but now we have President Trump, and he has hired Jay Sekulow to head this investigation to look into these matters about the infamous “Tarmac meeting.” We had zero information, or so we thought. Another lie by Comey. Now we have 413 pages of information!

Jay Sekulow has indicated that this is only the beginning of these investigations. So, stay tuned folks, as all the dominoes start to fall down, for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Comey, and Obama. etc..

It’s going to be fun. Fasten your seat belts as we go on the Trump train and see all these criminals wind up, where they belong, in jail!! Yippee!

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I am a retired art teacher, and, now a writer of news articles about President Trump. I am an avid Trump supporter and encourage others to support him as well. Also I do art, of different types and teach at various venues, ceramics and painting and drawing. I am a born again Christian and a staunch Conservative, which affects everything I do.

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