VIDEO: Guess Who Got Us into the Nuclear Mess with North Korea? 8

Well, it looks like we just have to look to see who got us in the big and now nuclear mess we are in with North Korea. Why do we forget so easily?

One little visit to Twitter gave a me a jolt and told me something I had forgotten.

There it was staring me in the face, a video. All I had to do was play it and the light went on in my head. Right, I remembered this! Now the deeds of a former president, from before Obama, will make the work of President Trump all the more difficult.


To all those people who thought that Bill Clinton did such a swell job as president, ‘Slick Willy’ got us a nuclear enemy, with a young dictator, Kim Jung- un, who belongs in a mental hospital, leading a charge of a frenzy to destroy America.


President Trump had tweeted about the deranged rogue leader.


Notice in this next video that President Trump has his arms crossed. An open armed gesture, which our president usually has, is full transparency. Crossed arms; you don’t see that very often from Trump. Why? It is body language which Trump hardly uses. Crossing ones arms is guarding ones secrets. He is not telling what the US will do about North Korea. After all, you don’t tell the enemy your secrets. You don’t make that public.


Former President Obama gave President Trump a big mess. Iran is a prime example of that. Now we see that former President Clinton gave Trump a really big problem.

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8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Guess Who Got Us into the Nuclear Mess with North Korea?

  • J L Ro

    Dam skippy Trump inherited all this mess from Clinton, Bush,Obama none had the balls to stand up to this little fat mfer and put him in his place.They thought it was funny . You cannot put the blame on TRUMP , I hate how people forget who the real bvillians are.

  • Jennifer Sasser

    Figures, it all goes back to the Clinton Crime Syndicate. How come I’m not surprised? That’s true our President Trump is way too smart to lay his cards on the table! Great article, Daveda~

  • Garry Wetherbee

    You have to get raid of the problem ONE BULLET AT A TIME…Their is no easy way out of the mass…It is better to this than kill millions of people…….sorry for my bad spelling….talk to my school, they can tell you way…All they do is pass the buck. They don’t know how to do that….They just close their eyes so they don’t break the mirror…
    I have paid a big price for their DUMB ideal…..I am sur I am not the only one that can’t read spell or do math….Over the years I have done my best to learn them….NO thanks to the school….I am 76 now. so it is a little late now. I don’t have much time left……I hope that no one gets lift be hind any more……

    • Daveda Gruber Post author

      Well Gary, no one should get left behind. That is not the way it was supposed to be. I hope President Trump gets us out of the mess with North Korea. I hope his pick for education minister, Nancy Devos, does a better job than those before her. Thank you for your comment.