Is ANTIFA Here to Stay in America? 1

This weekends event in Portland should be a wake up call for all Patriots… ANTIFA is here to stay. Not only has the group not been neutralized; they are in fact stronger then ever…

After the aptly named “Battles of Berkeley”, ANTIFA was badly demoralized… Patriot groups like the Proud Boys, Alt-Knights and Bikers for Trump showed up and routed the self-proclaimed anarchists in their home turf. Using their own tactics against them, mixed with good old fashion brute force and aggression; our side beat them at their own game and eventually sent them fleeing. For many, this seemed like the beginning of the end for the domestic terror group known as ANTIFA. This however was not the case.

Yes, ANTIFA was badly demoralized.. yes many of their members admitted being intimidated and in some cases, outright scared of some of the Patriot groups that were now showing up to oppose them.. in particular, the Proud Boys were demonized by the group, looked at as the “Boogeymen” by many of its members.. Hundreds of people quit the group, mainly because they did not want to be targeted by Proud Boys… Remember, ANTIFA is an anarchist group – they want to create chaos, cause destruction and commit violence against people they deem weaker or defenseless; or that they have outnumbered… they have no interest at all in actually fighting – for many, Berkeley was the first time they’d ever been in a real fight. After that the common theme in all their groups was “how do we deal with these people that we cannot beat in a fight?”…

Well, as you saw at the Free Speech rally in Portland, they solved that problem….

After the Berkeley rallies ANTIFA went into hiding… they reorganized, regrouped, recruited new members and most importantly, they evolved…. they actually studied footage from the rallies, studied our tactics, infiltrated our groups and brought in people to help them train and formulate new strategies… they studied groups like the IRA, PLO and Hamas…. they worked with Muslim groups here in the US and even hired people to teach them self-defense tactics, particularly tactics used by women – yes that is correct. While this may seem funny to many people, it is actually very smart. They understand that they are typically outmatched physically – the Patriots they were encountering were usually physically superior – bigger, stronger, more aggressive and often more experienced in fighting – understanding this fact, ANTIFA adapted every technique they could find that were designed to take on bigger, stronger opponents – hence IRA, PLO, Hamas and yes, Women’s self defense tactics… laugh if you will, but make no mistake, it wasn’t ANTIFA that came out of Portland last weekend bloody and beaten – it was our people.

The truth is, our tactics don’t work with ANTIFA… Unfortunately our people are training, equipping and preparing for a completely different kind of war then they are. Therefore I think we need to evolve our tactics and come up with real world strategies in order to counter this violent group and protect our people, protect our free speech and protect our rights to assemble. We are facing a group that numbers in the tens of thousands, has no regard for our safety at all, is driven by an ideology that tells them they are doing good; fighting against evil, racist, fascists… they are financed by the democrat party, protected by liberal politicians at the local level and have absolutely no fear of legal reprocussions or consequences. They are growing in numbers every day, evolving to fit this new style of warfare and after what they consider a massive victory in Portland, their confidence is at an all time high.

When it comes to ANTIFA our people have become too overconfident, too complacent and too wrapped up in the idea that the group is only a threat in the major cities and therefore can be ignored… well let me ask you; how did that work out with Al Quaeda? How did that work out with ISIS? How did that work out with the Nazi Party in Germany? How did that work out with Communism? Ignoring a group like this doesn’t make them go away; it only gives them time to become more powerful and to spread their ideology…. they may not be in your cities or towns now, but ignore the problem and eventually their ideology will be.. we can not allow a well funded, politically protected, domestic terrorist group to operate and grow unopposed in our country… we must not repeat the mistakes of the past – because if we do it will be our future generations that pay the price…

About Michael McVeigh

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern New Jersey. Shortly after graduating high school I relocated to Philadelphia where I spent a large part of my late teens and early twenties. Living in the big city opened my eyes and my mind to the realities of life and introduced me to the real world. During the next twenty years I traveled extensively, living in places like Belgrade, Serbia - Sofia, Bulgaria - NYC and now Washington DC where I currently live with my wife and two teenage kids. It is this broad range of cultures and experiences that have given me the wisdom and insights that I currently have today. Previously I would have considered myself to be a non-political person, favoring neither party and not really getting involved in politics at any level. This all changed towards the end of Obamas second term as I saw him impliment one destructive policy after another. Then when Trump announced his candidacy, and I watched and listened to what he was saying, my eyes suddenly opened and I was determined to be fully involved. Now as a writer/political columnist and Patriot I am all in - fighting with every skill and resource I have for the country that has been so good to me - hoping to pass on the America I know to all my future generations.

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One thought on “Is ANTIFA Here to Stay in America?

  • VAF

    Wow! Really appreciate the patriotic warriors who are taking Antifa on. Perhaps they need training in the same way Antifa got trained. They’re still more powerful and rugged than the Antifa basement dwellers. But it sounds to me that Muslim terrorist wannabes are joining Antifa too. If so, we really are in a war and might need to start getting serious about this too.