Is Trump Losing Support from Trumpers? 6

There is a breed of people who have America on their minds and in their hearts. The American Patriot will not go down in defeat. They are too strong. The reason? They love America and Her Flag. They love American values.

These are President Trump supporters. They are a tough group of people. They will stand in lines to hear President Trump at a rally. They will wear their Trump hats and shirts with pride.


These people never deviate from their path. They understand the obstacles that Trump faces. They stand by Trump and show their support. A Trump supporter understands that President Trump loves this country and the American Flag as much as they do.

You see, President Trump people are a movement. They think alike and stick together. I know some of them. They cannot be swayed. Trumpers are loyal. They are the most loyal Patriots you could ever meet. Call them ‘Deplorable’ and ‘Basement Dwellers’ and they will come back and say they will wear the words with pride.

The inner thinking of the Trump supporter is different from any other voter. They believe with all their hearts that they will help save this great nation with the help of a great leader. We have that leader in President Trump and we’re not backing off.

Trump support has not gone down in stupid polls (Trump fans know this) even if FOX News says so. Only ‘fake news’ could be ignorant enough to believe that! Trump support is rising every day and will continue to rise.

I just have to talk to my social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and other sites to know how much love there is for our president. They give me inspiration each and every day. They wear their love on their sleeve.

Make America Great Again! #MAGA

*This article is dedicated to all my friends in the ‘Coalition for Trump’ and all the President Trump supporters all over this country and the world.

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I am the owner of http://publishingwithpassion and as well as, author of seventeen books. I am a professional graphic art designer and I produce professional video productions. I've been writing political articles on many different sites for a few years.

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6 thoughts on “Is Trump Losing Support from Trumpers?

  • Linnelle osman

    Absolutely NOT!! that’s all left media propaganda trying to bring down USA. GO PRES.TRUMP/PENCE.
    MAGA. Your GOD’S choice. Draw near to God & He will draw near to you. A mighty fortress is our God.

  • Tw

    Father God please continue in your protection of President Trump and V.P. Pence. Protect their administration as well as all their families. I ask that as you said in your word no weapon formed against your chosen will prosper. I believe you chose them. I ask in Jesus name Amen

  • Alana weltu

    God Bless President Trump and protect him. I am a die hard Trump supporter and i know he is doing his best to restore America. I would fight and die to help him make this country a better place to live and raise kids, have better jobs and protect our country from illegals and muslims and their backward beliefs. Sharia law does not belong in this country. Period!! This is America. MAKE AMETICA GREAT AGAIN!!!