Police Officer Killed Leads to Clinton Mo Manhunt

The driver of a Dodge Nitro got out of his vehicle during a traffic stop and started shooting.

The 37-year-old Police officer, Michael, returned fire but that the suspect got back into the car and drove off before crashing two blocks away.

Tactical teams cordoned off the area around the crash and were searching for a person of interest, Ian McCarthy, 39, of Clinton.

After stopping a vehicle near Clinton, about 75 miles southeast of Kansas City, Clinton Officer, Gary Michael died late Sunday.


Sgt. Bill Lowe, a highway patrolman, said, “We searched the house we believed the person we were looking for might have been in. He was not in that house.”

Sgt. Lowe did say they have identified someone they believe has information about the deadly shooting. He has been identified as Ian McCarthy, 39 years old from Clinton, Mo.

“We have every reason to believe he is still in Clinton. We don’t have any information indicating he’s out of the area. Having said that, it does not mean it is not the case. We are diligent in thinking he’s somewhere in the area still,” Sgt. Lowe said.

Check points have since been set up around Clinton, Mo. Henry County Deputies, Missouri State Troopers and Clinton Police have several parts of the city blocked off.

The search is on for the suspect who shot and killed Officer Michael during overnight hours.


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