Beauty Supported by Poverty: Where is Small Town America?

From Baker City, Oregon.

A beautiful place in Eastern Oregon that has been kept down in too many ways by city fathers to the point it is suffering greatly.

A town like Baker does not have to grow in population to have a thriving community, but there must be people who have the power to make changes active.

What I have seen is the same thing in Baker that led me to leave this place in 1966 and never look back.

1. The industries were falling apart and leaving. By the end of 1969, even the plywood was gone and Ellingson was finished.
2. The shops and stores we loved were all closing and or moving away.
3. The mining Industry was basically on its way out because of the Federal Controls; environmentalists (Agenda 21).

Not only Baker was looking bad, but the whole state was taking the shape of the welfare state and as the nation was going, we were fast becoming a debtor state that could not meet budgets.

Today, what do I see?
1. The cost of living is out of this world.
2. High Taxes on property
3. A Consulting Firm hired to direct the changes of Baker being paid almost $100,000 per year getting a pay raise for their developmental (?) advice; up $12,000 per year and for what?
4. Ford Motors just closed their doors.
5. The only grocery outlet in Baker is Safeway, even with the Albertsons store here as Albertsons is now Safeway and the prices are at least 40% above fair. Especially when one can drive to Ontario buy $60 worth of groceries that in Baker would cost almost $150.

There is no real development of any kind in Baker and anytime the city fathers want to spend money all they have do is get out their check book as they have plenty of wealth built into our properties; property tax. Yes, our properties have become the governments’ bank accounts and what are we left with but laws we must comply with when property tax is illegal and unconstitutional in a Sovereign Republic owned by Sovereign Citizens.

This is not what our Founding fathers had in mind when they gave us what Benjamin Franklin stated, “A Republic, if you can keep it!”

Much more can be said about Small Town America and Baker is just one example of the fact we have no real ambitions and we have no real imaginations when it comes to advancing our communities. Yet, we do see around the country, small communities that have made a difference and population growth does not have to be a factor; at least a big factor.

Leavenworth, Washington
Branson, Missouri

Where is the American ingenuity? Where is the American imagination? Where is the American Dream?
Where has America gone when Small Town USA can’t even get it together?

Perhaps Oregon and our citizens can’t get it together because the Fed’s usurped their authority by abusing our sovereignty; the Resolution of 1780, the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 and began removing citizens from their properties just so they can steal the wealth of this once proud Sovereign state (republic), i.e. Hillary Clintons’ take of $140 million from the sale of Uranium to the Russians? All that money needs to be returned to the States of Oregon and Wyoming. How much was the total sale? Where are the Governors of these states that have been robbed?

If the citizens of Small Town America and our States had control of our own destinies, perhaps there is plenty of wealth within to be developed that change the appearance of America. Even if it were so, is there enough brain power and imagination to make the changes that benefit society as a whole?

Time for American’s to wake up and pay attention to who they elect into office from City Council up to Governor as well as those we send to Congress.

Our guarantee by Old Blacks law as 3rd party beneficiaries is our Sovereignty, our Constitution, our Constitutional Republic and by virtue of the Resolution of 1780, Our Constitution and Sovereign Republics we live within where we are to maintain our own Governments, Constitutions and Flags.

Remember? “We the people!” (responsibility is ours)

About Michael Duane Small

Country boy with a taste for city life and world travel. US Army (Retired) and Vietnam Veteran. Constitutionalist and Patriot. Born in Indianapolis and grew up in Baker City, Oregon. Lived almost 3 years in Asia and five years in Europe and several locations in the united States. 17 years in administration in the Military and 14 years driving truck - long haul (USA and Canada). Opinion: 3 years of college, but a degree does not mean one is educated (only that one spent time to complete assigned requirements for a piece of paper). Is that paper important? Only if necessary for a license or specialty. College is a business. An education comes from the desire to learn and that includes life experiences. A degree is only a license to learn in a specialty field. Otherwise, live life and learn.

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